7 Moments That Prove Esports Are as Exciting as Traditional Sports

Watch these incredible esports moments and you'll be hooked on games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft, and Street Fighter!

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Stick and ball sports have a long and storied history filled with incredible moments that fans will remember for as long as they live. Esports are much younger, so they haven't had as much time to achieve amazing moments.

However, when esports are at their best, they're able to create moments that rival any of the best plays from traditional sports.

Don't believe me? First, learn more about the appeal of esports and progaming. Then, watch these incredible esports moments and you'll be hooked on games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft, and Street Fighter!

7. Starcraft's Serral vs Stats WCS Global Finals

Starcraft is one of the games that really put watching professional players go at it on the map. This epic battle Serral and Stats really defines what makes watching esports so entertaining. Even if you don't understand the nuances of Starcraft you can still enjoy the match.

6. Marvel Vs. Capcom's Bionic Arm

Fighting games are generally the easiest to watch if you don't really understand competitive gaming, but with Marvel Vs. Capcom, things can get a little crazy. This match is about as crazy as it gets and it features a truly epic finish that you just need to see to believe.

 5. Dota 2's Fountain Hook

Valve, the company that makes Dota 2, removed this mechanic from the game, but for a brief shining moment in history, two heroes could interact and actually send an enemy all the way back to their base. A player named Dendi, known for his Pudge play, used the hero to bring enemy heroes to his base an absurd number of times in this game. It was as hilarious as it was awesome.

4. League of Legend's Faker Ryu Duel

Ask any League of Legends player for a moment in competitive League that stands out to them, and they'll immediately talk about Faker's incredible play in the video about. If you play League, it'll make you feel terrible about yourself when you see just how good someone can actually be at the game. If you don't play, it's just an interesting look at what the pinnacle of video game skills can look like.

3. Smash's Axe Pikachu and His 4-Stock

Super Smash Bros. is such a fun game to watch. It's easy to understand the core of what's happening---each player is trying to blast the other off the level. But there's so much subtlety and skill involved at the high levels, and this match is proof of that. It's quick, but it's a display of skill that's unlike anything else you'll see in competitive gaming.

2. Dota 2's Six Million Dollar Slam

There's no esport that offers massive prize pools like Dota 2. Valve uses a crowdfunding model to build up huge pools for its International tournament. The large price pool makes the stakes behind each and every match so great, and EG didn't let the scope of the situation get them down when they landed one of the most valuable Echo Slams of all time. This play netted them $6 million, making it quite possibly one of the most lucrative single moments in all of competitive gaming.

1. Street Fighter's Daigo Perfect Parry

When it comes to great moments in professional gaming, none is more important than Street Fighter great Daigo's amazing counter against his fellow legend in the Street Fighter scene Justin Wong. It looked like all hope was gone for Daigo, but one perfect play turned the match around, creating a moment that has defined esports ever since.

Esports Are Exciting!

If you think that you need to be out in a grassy field to make exciting, competitive moments happen, then you need to think again. These esports moments are just as exciting as anything that's ever happened in baseball, football, or any other traditional sport.

If you haven't given esports their fair shake, make 2020 the year you dive in head first!

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