The 7 Hardest Missions and Levels in Video Games That Are Near Impossible

Could you beat these exceptionally hard strages and missions? Revisit the most rage-inducing levels ever!
The 7 Hardest Missions and Levels in Video Games That Are Near Impossible

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Video games always challenge us, but sometimes the challenge is a little too hard. There's a fine line between making a game just hard enough and almost impossible.

Unfortunately, some games cross this line, with absurd missions and levels that make you want to quit the game for good.

When I come across one of these frustratingly-difficult levels, I start to wonder if the developers actually attempted it themselves. Take a look at the list below, and see if you agree with my list of the most notoriously ridiculous levels and missions ever created.

7. Dam Level (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

This mind-blowingly awful dam level puts the turtles back in their natural habitat: water. Water levels are always a pain in video games, and this is no exception.

Float through the aquatic environment as you dodge obstacles and attempt to disarm underwater bombs. You'll have to rush to keep your turtle afloat without touching any electric walls of seaweed.

A time limit of two minutes is stamped on this level for even more anxiety-inducing pressure.

6. Assault (Hotline Miami)

Hotline Miami has some amazing 80s music that you can listen to while getting shot for the fifteenth time in one level. The music makes all those deaths and level repeats worth it (for me, at least).

The thirteenth chapter, Assault, takes place in a police precinct filled with deadly police officers. Not to mention that this chapter also comes with its fair amount of glitches.

This level has a high likelihood of crashing, thanks to the obscene number of enemies you'll encounter in each stage.

In the last stage, enemies can actually push you out of the elevator, leaving you stranded outside of the building—this prevents you from getting back inside and also crashes the game.

Another glitch turns police officers into mobsters if you kill them with a knife, which crashes the game as well.

5. Mike Tyson Fight (Punch-Out!!)

Who wouldn't be terrified to fight against Mike Tyson?

You already know that trying to rough him up in real life would be a catastrophe, but you wouldn't think that a video game version of Mike Tyson would be that challenging. Well, you thought wrong.

Mike Tyson is portrayed like a giant against your (really little) Little Mac. To make him even more terrifying, getting hammered by just one of his uppercuts will have you nearly knocked out.

4. Turbo Tunnel (Battletoads)

I previously included Battletoads in my article outlining the hardest video games of all time, and this particular level contributes its tough reputation.

The developers of Battletoads obviously wanted to scare players off right from the start. The third level, Turbo Tunnel, is the worst one in the game. As you hop on a hoverbike and barrel down a tunnel, you'll have to avoid several obstacles along the way.

This level wouldn't be so bad if the obstacles appeared in front of your bike with enough time for you to actually see them. However, you don't have time to even think before a Rat Rocket plops another wall right in your path.

Expect to crash and burn dozens of time before completing this level (if you ever do).

3. Ornstein and Smough (Dark Souls)

The enemies in Dark Souls are known for their high level of difficulty, and the battle with Ornstein and Smough doesn't disappoint.

Trust me, no amount of grinding can prepare you for this awful boss fight. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to pit players against two powerful beings at one time?

Much to your disadvantage, both of these behemoths complement each other. While Smough takes slow, but devasting swings with his hammer, Orstein makes up for that with his speedy spears of lightning.

The fun isn't over when you defeat one enemy—the remaining Smough or Orstein will absorb the other's power and health.

2. Demolition Man (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)

After discovering all the secrets in GTA V, why not take a trip down memory lane by replaying Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? Then you'll get to experience the Demolition Man mission all over again.

Driving an actual helicopter in GTA is easy once you get the hang of the controls—but a toy helicopter is a whole other story. After the Demolition Man mission, you'll learn that you'd much rather drive a life-sized helicopter.

You're tasked with using a remote-controlled helicopter to plant four bombs around a large construction site. As you control the helicopter, you have to avoid the construction workers and security guards to make sure they don't shoot you down.

You can't crash into any part of the construction site either, or you'll risk exploding. Did I forget to mention that you only have seven minutes to complete the mission?

1. Aztec (GoldenEye 007)

Goldeneye 007 is hard to begin with. The wonky N64 mechanics combined with the game's challenges make the game the opposite of a cakewalk.

Plus, we obviously didn't have the same aiming accuracy with the N64 that we now have with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The nineteenth level, Aztec, is famous for all the wrong reasons. In this dreaded mission, you must navigate the maze-like interior of an Aztec temple.

Not only do you face Jaws, a villain with some of the highest health in the game, but you also have to fight your way past the most powerful and accurate guards.

If you were able to get past any of these levels and actually managed to beat the game, I commend you. These levels definitely aren't for the hot-tempered, and they're legendary for a reason.