Every Halloween (Michael Myers) Movie, Ranked: Which One's the Best?

We've ranked every Halloween movie that features the beloved serial killer Michael Myers. Which one do you think tops the list?
Every Halloween (Michael Myers) Movie, Ranked: Which One's the Best?

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Michael Myers is one of the most beloved and feared characters in the world of horror movies. His methodical ability to stalk his victims makes him absolutely terrifying.

And whether he's strangling someone or stabbing them with a large butcher knife, Michael Myers is not to be trifled with.

Both Freddy Kreuger and Jason Vorhees realized this, which is why they excluded Myers from their fun in Freddy vs. Jason (that's not actually true, but we all have our headcanon).

We're a little in honoring the Halloween holiday—which just so happens to be named after Michael Myers' movie franchise (also not true)—we're going to rank all of the Halloween movies that feature this beloved serial killer.

Note: If you notice Halloween III isn't on the list, that's because it doesn't feature Michael Myers so we left it out.

10. Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

I tried to find a redeeming quality for this movie. I looked high and low for something that makes it worth watching. I want to say that at least it has Michael Myers in it, but they even managed to make him not particularly cool.

If you decide you want to bingle the Halloween movies (which you totally should do), you might want to just pretend Resurrection doesn't exist.

9. Halloween (2007)

I love Rob Zombie. I love his music and, for the most part, I love his movies. You'd think that combining my love for Rob Zombie's style of movie and my love for Halloween would amount to a near-perfect movie for me.

Sadly, this movie is anything but perfect. As much as I wish I loved it, it's just not a good movie by any stretch.

8. Halloween II (2009)

It was a close battle between Rob Zombie's Halloween and Rob Zombie's Halloween II in terms of which one was worse, and ultimately, I think Zombie improved a little for the sequel—but it's certainly not a good movie.

Both movies bring a certain amount of Rob Zombie gruesomeness, which is enjoyable enough. However, as Michael Myers films, they just don't work.

7. Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

By The Curse of Michael Myers, it really felt like they were just cranking out movies for the sake of making money.

The only thing that makes this particular Halloween film interesting is the debut of Paul Rudd. Also, an older Tommy Doyle returns from the original Halloween movie, which is an interesting callback that ultimately doesn't pan out as cool as it could have.

6. Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

Michael Myers really wants to kill his niece. He's certainly a persistent serial killer (he spends all of the previous movie hunting for the poor girl as well).

This movie falls right in the middle in terms of the Michael Myers outings. It has some issues, but it's still a fun slasher movie that's worth watching, even if it feels a bit like a retread.

5. Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

In my opinion, this is the only acceptable movie from the post-Halloween II era. That's not to say it's a great movie, but it has some interesting story beats and we learn more about the origins of Myers (even though they end up getting thrown out in later movies).

Even with those details not counting, this movie is still worth watching just because it features some pretty inventive kills and fantastic suspense.

4. Halloween (2018)

We've already looked at the 2007 reboot of Halloween that didn't do such a great job with our beloved serial killer.

Thankfully, we can just pretend that movie (and its sequel) never happened, because this is the Halloween reboot fans have patiently waited for all these years.

Director David Gordon Green clearly understood what made Myers such an iconic character and he kept those elements while adding his own touch. Oh, and having Jamie Lee Curtis back certainly didn't hurt.

3. Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998)

After a bit of a mediocre patch in the middle, Jamie Lee Curtis came back to reprise her role as Laurie Strode.

This one completely ignores the story developments of everything that came before it with the exception of Halloween and Halloween II. The mixture of the film getting back to its roots and continuing the original story is what makes this film great.

Plus, it has the benefit of more modern technology (well, modern for 1998), which makes the kills a bit more graphic.

2. Halloween II (1981)

While not the best movie in the Halloween franchise, this sequel, which came out two years after the original, picks up exactly where the first movie ends.

From there, it sees Michael getting busy killing anyone who would stop him from getting to Laurie Strode. The ending leaves a bit to be desired, but when you consider that this was meant to be the end of the Michael Myers story, it makes sense.

1. Halloween (1978)

You just can't beat the classics. In the case of the Halloween movie franchise, the first one sits atop the throne as the masterpiece of Michael Myers's murder movies.

The little bit of backstory, the fantastic soundtrack (which first introduced horror fans to the iconic Halloween theme song), solid performance by Jaimie Lee Curtis and the rest of the cast, and the creative kills committed by Myers all come together to form one of the best horror movies ever made.