The 7 Best Horror Parody Movies on Hulu

Horror movies are great, but you’re not always in the mood to be scared senseless. Try a few that’ll have you laughing instead.
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No matter how seriously you take your love of horror movies, you’ve got to admit that there is a lot to make fun of. Sometimes it’s the low budgets, sometimes it’s how ridiculously over the top the violence and gore can get. Other times it might be the clear inexperience of the actors.

We’re approaching “parody” in a loose sense here, because let’s face it: nobody wants a steady diet of Scary Movie-style out-and-out parodies. Some of these are funnier than others, but they all either poke fun at or pay homage to classic horror movie themes and tropes.

1. What We Do In The Shadows

This actually covers two separate entities on Hulu, as What We Do In The Shadows is the name of a 2014 film as well as a series on FX based on the film. Both are available on Hulu, and both are hilarious, while you’ll find a few more moments in the film that wouldn’t be out of place in a traditional horror film.

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2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Hey, what do you know, it’s another film and TV show of the same name. Both the 1992 film starring Kristy Swanson and the TV show it spawned starring Sarah Michelle Gellar are available on Hulu. Joss Whedon fans will tell you the series is much better than the movie and they’re not wrong, but the movie is still worth a watch.

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3. The Cabin in the Woods

Another Joss Whedon horror homage, The Cabin in the Woods is probably the most legitimately spooky film on this list, at least at times. That said, its moments of sheer parody largely negate the spook factor.

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4. WolfCop

You’d be forgiven for thinking that WolfCop was created by the same 5 year old behind Axe Cop, but you’d be wrong. Instead, this horror comedy follows an alcoholic cop who becomes a werewolf but still works as a cop, even in wolf form.

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5. Stan Against Evil

If nothing else, Stan Against Evil serves as proof that John C. McGinley should just be in everything. In this comedy horror series, McKinley stars as Stan Miller, sheriff of a small New Hampshire town perpetually plagued by demons, spirits, witches, and the supernatural in general. Even better, it was created by comedian Dana Gould, aka. the voice of Gex in the video game series of the same name.

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6. It Came from the Desert

No, It Came from the Desert isn’t a documentary about the Palm Desert rock scene. It’s actually a horror comedy loosely based on the 1989 computer game of the same name, which was itself based on 1950s-era horror movies. So it’s a parody of a parody?

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7. Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

Okay, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark isn’t really a horror parody as much as it is a take-off on Footloose, except instead of dancing, the people in the town don’t like Elvira? This also isn’t really spooky unless you’re terrified of punk rock poodles. And really, who isn’t?

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Something More on the Spooky Side?

If you aren’t looking for a blood-soaked gore fest but still want something a little spookier than what we’ve gathered here, don’t worry. There are plenty of films out there that are just as scary as their slasher siblings without all the blood.

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