10 of the Most Amazing Minecraft Creations and Builds

Need some inspiration for your next Minecraft project? These awesome Minecraft creations will give you some ideas.
10 of the Most Amazing Minecraft Creations and Builds

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Many Minecraft users have an abundance of creativity, and they use this skill to build amazingly accurate replicas of real-life and fictional structures. You'll even stumble upon unique creations that spurred from someone's own imagination.

Either way, it's equally impressive.

Today, we'll look at some of the most creative Minecraft builds that will leave you in awe. If you struggle to build a single house in Minecraft, these structures will give you some much-needed inspiration.

1. Westeros

Game of Thrones fans will definitely recognize this massive Minecraft feat.

In this server, you'll get to explore the entire continent of Westeros, and relive your favorite Game of Thrones moments. See Winterfell and The Wall for yourself, in all its blocky glory.

A large team of users is currently working on constructing this project. It's not finished yet, but you can still see the huge amount of progress that's been made. Explore this server for yourself by heading to the WesterosCraft website.

2. Mike Wheeler's House

This hauntingly accurate depiction of Mike Wheeler's house from Stranger Things will send shivers down your spine.

You won't see a Demogorgon in this replica, but the similarities between this Minecraft creation and the real thing are uncanny. As you walk through the house, you can recount every scene that took place in the show.

3. Greenfield

A team of expert Minecraft builders has been building Greenfield since 2011, and it's still undergoing construction.

This completely fictional city is one of the largest Minecraft cities, and also one of the most realistic. It's been meticulously constructed on a 1:1 scale, meaning it looks more like reality than just a bunch of blocks.

Right now, you can spot almost everything that you'd see in a real city—it features towering skyscrapers, industrial areas, wealth-filled suburbs, run-down neighborhoods, docks and much more. Check out this server here.

4. Antwerp Central Station

Antwerp Central Station is one of the world's most beautiful railroad stations. A team of Minecraft users recreated this famous Belgian station for an art museum exhibit.

Needless to say, their depiction is totally accurate and just as awe-inspiring as the real thing. The above video will show you the attention-to-detail and effort put in to make every archway, railroad platform, dome, and spire.

5. Hyrule Castle

You don't have to play Legend of Zelda in order to experience the excitement of entering Hyrule Castle. If you construct your own Hyrule Castle, you can explore the castle at your own free will.

The user in the above video uses elements from all Legend of Zelda games to construct his own interpretation. It comes outfitted with several Triforces on its walls, along with some meticulously-constructed towers, and even the infamous castle courtyard.

6. Ancient Anubis City

Head back in time, and take a trip to the Ancient Anubis City. This Egyptian-inspired city is an oasis in the middle of sand dunes. It features a winding river that surrounds a gorgeous city. Before you walk in, you'll notice two giant Anubis statues standing guard at the city's gates.

If you think the outside of this map is amazing, just wait until you enter some of the buildings and pyramids. The Pyramid of Anubis is a labyrinth that you can easily get lost in. You might even see some mummies in your travels!

7. Patriotville

Patriotville is another Minecraft city that's been crafted from the imagination of talented builders. It's full of skyscrapers and magnificent landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

Although it takes heavy inspiration from New York City, it's actually supposed to incorporate elements from several different American cities. If you want to see this map for yourself, download it here.

8. Spirited Away

Spirited Away offers one of the most beautiful and creative universes in all of animation. In this GhibliCraft server, you can become a part of the world of Spirited Away.

If you've seen the movie, you'll instantly recognize each portion of this Minecraft landscape—that's just how accurate this map is.

It incorporates locations from the beginning and end of the movie. See the restaurant where Chihiro's parents turn into pigs, step inside the beautiful bathhouse, and see the moment that Haku gets swarmed by Zeniba's paper shikigami.

9. Middle Earth

If you ever want to take part in a massive Minecraft project, you should consider joining in on this creation. As you can see, this server is based on the Middle Earth, the famous Lord of the Rings setting.

You can take part in the construction of castles, landmarks, terrain, and more, or simply take a look around at the amazing architecture and environment. Check out Minecraft Middle Earth's website to join in.

10. Carnival Breeze Cruise Ship


Now that we've looked at Minecraft projects on land, it's time to go out to sea. This Minecraft user modeled his creation after the Carnival Breeze cruise ship, and it really makes you want to hop on a boat in real life. It has a full-featured interior that includes lodging, a movie theater, and even a casino.

Feeling Inspired Yet?

The next time you log onto Minecraft, launch creative mode, or if you like the extra challenge, use survival mode. Try your hand at modeling your next construction after a landmark. Soon, you'll have the skills to create a huge universe on a single Minecraft map.