The 10 Weirdest K-Pop Videos of All Time

K-pop is known for its array of strange music videos. Here are some of the weirdest.
The 10 Weirdest K-Pop Videos of All Time

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Since PSY's release of "Gangnam Style" in 2012, more people started paying attention to the world of K-pop. This strange video sparked an entire movement of weirdness and faux horseback riding.

So far, no K-pop video has been able to top the worldwide popularity of "Gangnam Style." Yet while the following K-pop videos may have not reached as large of an audience as "Gangnam Style," they're just as—if not more—bizarre.

1. "Fantastic Baby" by Bigbang

I could easily fill this list with Bigbang music videos, but for the sake of fairness, I'll try to resist and only include Bigbang and G-Dragon's strangest concepts. Their 2012 video, "Fantastic Baby," takes place in some alternate universe where music is considered illegal.

From what I can tell, G-Dragon is the ruler of this broken world, sitting atop a throne with hair that gives Rapunzel a run for her money. Meanwhile, Taeyang gets defrosted, T.O.P escapes from a painting, Daesung finds himself chained to a wall, and Seungri spends time with leather-clad ladies.

I'm not sure what's more addicting: this music video or the catchy "Wow, Fantastic Baby" chorus.

2. "Crayon" by G-Dragon

G-Dragon's "Crayon" is a play on the word "cray," the slang for "crazy" (it, unfortunately, has nothing to do with Crayolas). He's basically telling you to get your crazy on, which he successfully does in this video.

The video looks normal at first glance, as G-Dragon lays in bed with his Wonder Woman robe—but then the TV turns on, displaying a seemingly insane therapist analyzing an even more insane patient (both of whom are played by G-Dragon).

The video spirals into even more madness as G-Dragon crossdresses, does ballet with a swimming tube, and briefly resembles Pinnochio.

3. "$10" by Hitchhiker

Sometimes it's better just to watch something than to explain it. Hitchhiker's "$10" is one of those videos. The song itself contains only three different phrases: "Yes, next," "Five dollar," and "Ten dollar," but it makes up for that with a sick beat.

You never see Hitchhiker's actual face in this video. His looks are computer generated, providing a surreal effect as he dances in a real urban environment.

This video graces its viewers with talking money and spikey, walking blobs that will probably give you nightmares.

4. "Bar Bar Bar" by Crayon Pop

You'll either love or hate this addicting dance music video, there's no in between. "Bar Bar Bar" doesn't have strange special effects or outrageous occurrences—the outfits and pogostick-style dancing are what make it so strange.

The group fluctuates between dancing at a carnival and in a white room, as they don colorful uniforms and helmets. Despite the fact that this video is weird, you can't deny that Crayon Pop's dance moves are perfectly in synch the entire time.

5. "Catallena" by Orange Caramel

Orange Caramel's "Catallena," takes the concept of "you are what you eat" pretty seriously. The first scene briefly shows the trio at a restaurant as they ready their chopsticks.

A few moments later, you'll see the girls dressed as mermaids, and later packaged into plastic containers of sushi. I think you can guess what happens next—the mermaids turn into chopped up sushi and get served to the guests at a sushi house.

The video might seem a little silly, but it actually has a meaning behind it. It represents how our talents are monetized in society, getting gobbled up and wasted by those who take advantage of us.

6. "Dark Circle" by CocoSori

Who says that people don't like broccoli? Coco and Sori seem to love broccoli, maybe a little too much. I mean, I guess I would love broccoli too if it took the form of a green, muscular man.

The beginning of the video shows the duo search for the perfect head of broccoli in their garden. Soon, they find what they've been looking for—an underwear-clad man covered in green paint with hair made of broccoli.

He's seen working out to gain even more muscle, and later munches on broccoli himself. (Is that considered cannibalism?)

7. "Yes or No" by Zico

Zico's "Yes or No" is similar to Hitchhiker's "$10," in that both artists decided to use a computer-generated image of themselves in the video instead of their actual body. The video is only one-and-a-half minutes long, and maybe that's a good thing.

The graphics used are akin to the iPhone's Animoji feature. Zico sings and dances around in his newfound form, passing through rooms that contain unusual objects like animal figurines and floating sneakers.

8. "One of a Kind" by G-Dragon

I'm sorry, I couldn't help but put one more G-Dragon video on this list. In "One of a Kind," G-Dragon sports yellow dreadlocks and has his own pet tiger. You'll later meet G-Dragon's love interest, a giant Barbie doll with an attitude.

When you think that things can't get any weirder, they do. The middle and end of the video is just a barrage of randomness—G-Dragon boxes with a golden mask, plays tennis, and stabs a lifeless steak.

You might understand this a little better if you just watch.

9. "Gentleman" by PSY

"Gentleman" was PSY's attempt at reviving his "Gangnam Style" frenzy. It topped out at 1.2 billion views, which still doesn't outdo the 3 billion views that "Gangnam Style" raked in. The video is still just as quirky and fun, centering around PSY's ungentlemanly behavior.

PSY's method of flirting includes speeding up a woman's treadmill, and forcing another to smell his hand after picking his wedgie. He later encounters his perfect match—a woman who is just as unladylike as he is ungentlemanly.

10. "Power" by EXO

If k-pop group was ever to star in their own sci-fi movie, this video would be it. EXO's "Power" opens with a short comic book-esque narrative that has a heavy intergalactic theme.

The group lives on their own planet (presumably called EXO Planet) and must work to stave off an alien invasion.

A laser-beam shooting, claw-wielding robot chases after the members of EXO. Some hide, while some take action by fighting back. Make sure you stick around until the end of the video—that's where it gets even funkier.

The Weirder, the Better

Normal music videos are so overrated. K-pop artists have the right idea by making their videos colorful, fun, and totally unique.

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