The Best Horror Movies Set to Release in 2020

Whether you're a fan of gory horror movies or psychological horror movies that'll scare you down to your core, there's something coming in 2020 for you.
The Best Horror Movies Set to Release in 2020

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A new year is upon us! There's so much to be excited about in 2020. There will be all kinds of new stuff released. New video games. New TV shows. New comic books. Most importantly, there will be new horror movies!

While it's still early, and plenty more movies are set to be announced as the year goes on, we already know of some movies that are worth keeping an eye on. Whether you're a fan of gory horror movies or psychological horror movies that'll scare you down to your core, there's something coming in 2020 for you.

1. The Grudge (January 3)

The Grudge was a beloved horror movie released in 2004. It had a good mix of creepy and gory action with a heavy psychological twist. The 2020 reboot directed by Nicolas Pesce and produced by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Taka Ichise looks to expand on the themes of the original but with some modern sensibilities. And you won't have to wait long to see what they manage to with the reboot, because it comes out the first weekend of January.

2. The Turning (January 24)

There are plenty of reasons to be excited for The Turning. First of all, Steven Spielberg is signed on as an executive producer for the supernatural horror movie. The premise is quite dark—a nanny is tasked with taking care of two disturbed orphans. Based on the trailer, it looks like a very unnerving film, which is exactly what I look for in a horror flick.

3. The Lodge (February 7)

The overall premise of The Lodge doesn't really seem to original, but the trailer looks terrifying and entertaining. A young woman and her new stepchildren are locked in a cabin and bad stuff happens from there. Again, it's not anything particularly new, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, as there's a reason plots like this are so popular. Add in the fact that the film has positive reviews based on its Sundance premiere, and it's definitely one that's worth adding to your watchlist in 2020.

4. A Quiet Place: Part II (March 20)

The first A Quiet Place film was nothing short of a masterpiece, which means expectations are through the roof for the sequel. John Krasinski is back at the helm as both the writer and director for A Quite Place: Part II, and Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe are staring in the sequel. Outside of that, we don't know too much about the film, but really, just know that it's going to build on the first one is enough to bring the hype levels through the roof.

5. Antlers (April 17)

There's not a lot of information about Antlers out there other than what's in the trailer above. Guillermo del Toro is signed on to produce the film, so that should give you an idea of what to expect in terms of aesthetics. It promises to be a dark movie that'll shake you up. Just watch the trailer and you'll see what I mean.

6. The Organ Donor (May 15)

Say what you will about the Saw movies, but there's just something about them that gets me hyped whenever a new one comes out. This is actually the ninth movie in the long-running franchise, but it is interesting that they're going with a name that doesn't mention Saw at all. Also, Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson are in it, so there's that.

7. Candyman (June 12)

Candyman is one of those cult classics that doesn't get as much love as some of the other big horror movies of its contemporaries. Hopefully, when the sequel launches in 2020, it'll make some waves. Of course, that all comes down to the quality of the movie, and we won't know that until it hits the silver screen this summer. While we don't know much, we do know Jordan Peele is writing it, and that's enough to pique my interest.

8. Malignant (August 14)

Really, the only thing I can say about this movie is that James Wan is directing it. When it comes to horror, few directors have as many gems credited to them. In case you forgot, he did Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring, Dead Silence, Insidious: Chapter 2, and The Conjuring 2. Plus, there are his non-horror directorial credits for movies like Furious 7 and Aquaman. When a new project with his name comes around, I take notice.

9. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (September 11)

There has been no shortage of films in The Conjuring universe, and this one is another in the long line. Has the quality dropped over the years? Absolutely, but they're still better than a lot of the horror movies that hit the big screen, so The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It could end up being worth a look. We'll have to wait until trailers and more information drop before we know for sure, though.

10. Halloween Kills (October 16)

The Halloween reboot that came out in 2018 did fight by my personal favorite horror movie slasher. When a sequel was announced with the same David Gordon Green remaining in the director's chair, I couldn't have been more excited. Of course, the film is still pretty far away, so there will be far more information still to come. But let's be real, if you like Halloween, you'll be in the theater on day one to see Halloween Kills.