8 Hilarious Comic Book Superheroes That’ll Make You Laugh

Whether it’s breaking the fourth wall, telling jokes, or mocking the enemy, these comic book superheroes are guaranteed to make you laugh.

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In the superhero world, a lot of bad stuff happens. Things can be rather grim in comic books. There’s usually some sort of villain who’s trying to take over the world (or destroy it).

However, there are some superheroes who don’t let the terrible circumstances the world is facing get them down. Instead, they bring great deals of comic relief to the issues in which they appear. Whether it’s breaking the fourth wall, telling jokes, or mocking the enemy, these comic book superheroes are guaranteed to make you laugh.

1. Deadpool

When it comes to funny superheroes, Deadpool is generally the first one that comes to mind. And with good reason. He’s constantly cracking wise, breaking the fourth wall, and embarrassing his enemies with a bevy of insults. He’s called the “Merc with a Mouth” after all. You don’t get a name like without the jokes to back it up!

2. Spider-Man

While not quite as in-your-face as Deadpool, Spider-Man is certainly known for his ability to make fun of his enemies while he strikes them down with his incredible suite of powers. Spider-Man actually uses his insults strategically, often getting his opponents all riled up so they make a mistake. It’s hilarity with a purpose!

3. Rocket Raccoon

Whether in the comics or the movies, Rocket Raccoon and his relationship with Groot is always funny. Not even including the specific things he says, just the fact that he’s a talking anthropomorphic raccoon is funny on its own. Add in the hilarious one-liners, and you have a recipe for hilarity. Star-Lord is also pretty hilarious, and the relationship between the two of them is great!

4. Iron Man

Tony Stark is basically a walking quote machine. His attitude is a huge part of what makes him so funny. His confidence to drop one-liners while in the middle of an epic battle provide a sense of comic relief. Is the world in danger? Yes? Will Tony Stark still find the humor in the situation? Absolutely.

5. The Tick

The Tick is basically an attempt at superhero satire. Some of the jokes can be hit or miss, but the premise alone is quite hilarious. His drama power makes him blurt out random lines during a battle, and some of them are quite funny. Add in the intense violence in some The Tick’s fight scene, and you have interesting contrast. The live-action remake of The Tick is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

6. Shazam

Shazam aka Captain Marvel is easily one of the funniest superheroes out there. Just the premise of a young child who shouts the word “Shazam” to turn into a muscular adult superhero is funny. The fact that he retains the maturity level of a young person makes things even more hilarious. If you weren’t sure how hilarious Shazam is, the recent movie serves as a pretty serious reminder. Check out our review of Shazam!

7. Hellboy

When you see the name Hellboy, comedy probably isn’t the first thing you’d expect, but as comics have often shown us, you need to expect the unexpected. The humor in the comics, movies, and video games featuring Hellboy is definitely a bit dark, which makes it stand out from the other characters on the list.

8. Ant-Man

Ant-Man is a tiny superhero who can communicate with insects. That alone is funny. He makes pop culture references, deprecating jokes, and plenty of other types of jokes that make him worthy of a place on the list. Whether you’re familiar with Ant-Man through the comics or the MCU, you know that he makes you laugh all the time!

Comics Can Be Funny!

The very idea behind superhero comics is serious. You have a bunch of powerful individuals attempting to save the world from some of the most villainous individuals. But some of the best comic books feature characters who are able to break the tension with some comic relief.

If you think reading superhero comics won’t lead to you laughing out loud, you need to think again!