10 Geeky Ugly Christmas Sweaters Perfect for This Year’s Holidays

If you’re going to wear an ugly sweater this year, why not wear one that’s also super geeky?

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It’s that time of the year! The joyous time where we get together with friends, family, and coworkers to celebrate Christmas. What better way is there to show your Christmas spirit than an ugly sweater?

Sure, you could show up to your family gather in a nice, tasteful outfit. But isn’t it far more fun to go out and buy the most hideous article of clothing you can get your hands on and wear that instead?

If you’re going to wear an ugly sweater this year, why not were one that’s also super geeky? Those are just the kind of sweaters we’re going to look at today!

1. Zelda Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you’re a fan of Link, Zelda, and the rest of the Zelda crew, this sweater is perfect for you. It features an old-school 8-bit art style, which looks right on home on this sweater.

2. Deadpool Ugly Christmas Sweater

Deadpool Ugly Christmas Sweater from Amazon

Deadpool is the king of breaking the fourth wall in both his comics and movies, and you can break down the Christmas wall with this hideously awesome Deadpool sweater. Plus, it has unicorns. Who doesn’t love unicorns?

3. Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweater

Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweater from Amazon

When it comes to Pokemon, there are none more beloved than Pikachu. This sweater features the beloved character front and center. But Pikachu isn’t alone, as the shirt also features the original starter Pokemon sporting cute winter clothing.

4. Ghostbusters Ugly Christmas Sweater

When it’s Christmas time, and you need a sweater, who you gonna call? I think you know the answer to that question. This ugly Christmas sweater features a modified version of the iconic Ghostbusters logo, along with images of Slimer, Stay Puff, and plenty of other Ghostbusters goodies.

5. Mario Ugly Christmas Sweater

Mario Ugly Christmas Sweater from Amazon

Is there a more beloved video game character than Mario? Nintendo’s plumber arguably saved video games with his popularity during the late 80s, and he’s still featured in fantastic games today. Even people who don’t know video games will recognize Mario on this ugly sweater, which makes it perfect for those family gatherings.

6. Darth Vader Ugly Christmas Sweater

Darth Vader Ugly Christmas Sweater from Amazon

This is definitely one of the funnier geeky ugly Christmas sweaters we stumbled upon in our travels. It features a big image of Star Wars’ most well-known villain, and a funny little one-liner that’ll bring up the Christmas spirit of anyone who sees it.

7. Harry Potter Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you fancy yourself a fan of Harry Potter, this might be the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for you. It features a fairly subtle design that’s just gaudy enough to qualify as an ugly sweater.

8. Space Invaders Ugly Christmas Sweater

The Space Invaders playfield is actually perfect for a sweater, and this one does an amazing job of capturing the simplicity of shooting aliens in space. Outside of the playfield, it also features big Space Invader characters on the arms, giving it a little bit of extra visual flair.

9. PlayStation Ugly Christmas Sweater

PlayStation Ugly Christmas Sweater from Amazon

This is actually one of my favorite ugly Christmas sweaters out there. I love the simplicity and ugliness of just plastering the iconic PlayStation symbols all over the sweater. Add om he snowflakes and hideous dot pattern all over, and you have a perfectly-designed ugly sweater that’ll bring holiday cheer to any PlayStation fan.

10. Pac-Man Ugly Christmas Sweater

Pac-Man Ugly Christmas Sweater from Amazon

Who’s chasing who? This Pac-Man Christmas sweater features the ghosts chasing our beloved hero (who’s sporting a nice Christmas hat) and him turning the tables after eating a power pellet. It also features the well-known Pac-Man catchphrase of “waka waka waka” on it. What more could you ask for?

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