The 8 Best BattleBots Machines From the TV Series, Ranked

One of the coolest things about the BattleBots TV series is getting to see real robots made by real people duke it out for superiority.
The 8 Best BattleBots Machines From the TV Series, Ranked

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Almost everyone has some degree of fascination with robots, whether those robots are huge mechas from the Gundam series or cute, pet-like robots like Pino from Ergo Proxy.

But robots are even cooler in real life! The complexity of their circuitry and the creativity that goes into their builds are just a few of the factors that make robots—and other manmade machines—so intriguing.

That's why many so robot fans find themselves enamored with the BattleBots TV series, which features custom-built robots with various weaponry that fight each other in an open arena.

The robots in BattleBots range from lightweight speedsters to heavyweight brawlers, and they can be equipped with everything from grapplers to spinners to fire-breath flamethrowers.

From simple-but-powerful machines to-of-the-art impressers, here are the best BattleBots robots ever featured in the TV series.

8. Mechadon

Watch: Mechadon Versus Ginsu

Mechadon is far from the best in terms of mobility and battle prowess, but it's one of the classics of BattleBots so I had to include it. Just look at its design: futuristic, alien-like, and just so cool.

Mechadon is a "stompbot" that moves using spider-like legs, which also serve as lifters, grapplers, and crushers. It's one of a kind in terms of its design and robot fans always want more of this type of machine.

Maybe with improved mobility, robots like Mechadon can rise while offering more interesting and satisfying BattleBots fight scenes.

7. BioHazard

Watch: Nightmare Versus BioHazard

BioHazard was the champion for several seasons of BattleBots. Its super-low build and side wedges made it invulnerable to most machines and weapons, especially flippers.

It also had a lifting mechanism that fit perfectly within its frame, making it appear weaponless while the lifting arm was folded.

Though its lifting arm lacked punch, the weapon was still high enough to turn opponents upside-down. And with its low and flat body, it could dive underneath most machines, making its lifting job easier.

6. End Game

Watch: End Game Versus Duck

End Game sports a straightforward structure that doesn't appear battle-ready at first glance. However, its design perfectly suits its weapon of choice: the vertical spinner.

With the front portion of its body built to scoop opponents from below, the high-speed spinner can send machines up in the air with great force.

This robot has received several modifications since its first appearance, primarily in its weapon design: from single-tooth flyball to the latest vertical bar spinner.

5. Warhead

Watch: Warhead Versus Obwalden Overlord

Warhead is one of the flashiest and most monster-like of all the robots that have appeared on BattleBots.

There have been two versions of Warhead, with the first one looking like a cross between a spaceship and a scorpion and the second one featuring a dinosaur head—the head of a T-Rex, to be exact.

Warhead earns a spot on this list not only for its design, but for its sheer practicality as a machine of destruction.

The first version had a horizontal spinner that delivered intense damage upon contact, and the second version's dinosaur-like head could bite down on its opponents and crush their frames.

4. Toro

Watch: Toro Versus Vladiator

Toro is a superheavyweight machine that's packed with power. It's a flipper-type machine, equipped with an arm that can hook opponents from underneath and send them flying into the air like pancakes.

Because of its weight class, Toro's opponents are often loaded with intense weights, yet Toro can still toss them up really high thanks to its powerful flipping arm with thousands of pounds of force.

3. Tombstone

Watch: Tombstone Versus Whiplash

Tombstone is one of the greatest BattleBots destroyers. Whenever it's in, you can expect machine parts to be flung around.

It's driven by only two wheels and its sole weapon is a heavy, hammer-like blade that swings horizontally.

What makes Tombstone such a formidable opponent is that this weapon makes up nearly the entire front portion of the robot, giving a huge advantage during head-on clashes. Machines like Tombstone are the worst opponents for flippers.

Also, the placement of its wheels gives it a smooth maneuverability that lets it spin its body quite easily. Sure, it may lack a self-righting mechanism, but it doesn't need one—it can move while on either side.

2. Bite Force

Watch: Bite Force Versus Icewave

Bite Force has a similar body structure as End Game, except with a few key differences. The main difference is that Bite Force's body is longer and sports a front wedge that's perfect for battling flipper machines.

Plus, its primary weapon is a vertical spinner. Combine that with its ability to scoop victims from underneath and you get a machine that can send opponents flying while dealing huge damage.

1. Son of Whyachi

Watch: Son of Whyachi Versus Ghost Raptor

Son of Whyachi's (SoW for short) earlier version didn't have traditional wheels, but instead used a shuffle drive mechanism. So, technically, it wasn't rolling—it was walking (or crawling).

That mobility was changed to wheels later on, but its destructive weaponry stayed the same. Son of Whyachi sports a triangular blade that can spin at incredible speeds, serving as both weapon and shield that guards from top to bottom and front to back.

In a later iteration, a wedge structure was added to its side, giving even more advantage over different types of machines.