5 Reasons to Pay for Disney+ That Aren’t “The Mandalorian”

It turns out there’s a whole lot of stuff on Disney+, including more Star Wars. Like, a lot more.
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If you have a Disney+ account or have been thinking about signing up, there’s a good chance that The Mandalorian at least figured into that decision. Sure, there are other shows and movies available on the service, but some people like myself would argue that the Star Wars serial made Disney’s streaming service worthwhile all by itself.

The only problem is that The Mandalorian‘s first season has already wrapped up. Yes, there’s another season coming, but not for several months. If you’re thinking about canceling your account or holding off on signup until the second season premier, here are a few other reasons to consider keeping your subscription.

1. Everything Star Wars

The Mandalorian is far from the only Star Wars property available via Disney+. For one, most of the Star Wars movies, including the original trilogy, are available on the service. Those few that aren’t available now (like Solo: A Star Wars Story) will come to Disney+ in the near future as licensing deals come to an end. Still, even now you can put together an impressive marathon.

Then there are the series. The entire existing runs of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels are available, as well as Star Wars Resistance and a number of Lego Star Wars titles. Tack on the shorts and specials, and that’s more than even most Star Wars fans could want.

2. The Simpsons

To date there have been 30 seasons of The Simpsons, and all of them are available on Disney+. Even if you fall in the camp that think the show should have wrapped it up around season 10, there’s plenty to watch, and it’s a great way to try later seasons to see if they appeal to you.

Not everything is perfect: at launch every episode was shown in a 16:9 aspect ratio, meaning early seasons were cropped. Disney announced that in early 2020 additional 4:3 versions of the first 19 seasons would be available, which series die-hards are sure to appreciate.

3. Revisit Your Childhood

With so many titles and universes tied together under the Disney+ banner, there’s surely something that will resonate with you. This could be the library of Disney or Pixar movies, but it could just as easily be The Simpsons or Star Wars. Maybe it’s the lineup of programming shown on the Disney channel.

Then there are some weird inclusions. For example, the show Gargoyles. I had completely forgotten about this ever existing, but seeing it available for streaming had me feeling strangely nostalgic, even though I never had any affinity for the show.

4. Forgotten Gems

See my point about Gargoyles above.

But seriously, with most of the focus on Disney, Star Wars, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s easy to overlook some of the other shows and movies available on Disney+. For example, John Carter was loved by more than a few critics and the few people I know that saw it on the big screen loved it. That said, it was a bomb and was quickly forgotten.

For every Toy Story, there is a Three Musketeers. For every Wall-E, a Willow. By the way, watch Willow if you haven’t already.

5. Other New Series

With all the hype around The Mandalorian, it was easy to miss that Disney+ launched with a whole slate of new shows. Granted, some of these, like High School Musical: The Series, won’t appeal to everyone, and no other show got as much praise as The Mandalorian, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth a look.

Even if The World According to Jeff Goldblum isn’t for you, there are more series on the way. For Marvel fans, you’ve got a ton of shows on the way, with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision both arriving this year. Star Wars: The Clone Wars is coming back very soon, a boon for Star Wars fans.

No, not all of these shows will appeal to everyone, but if you were interested in Disney+ at all, it’s likely at least a few will.

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