The Most Geeky Franchises: How Many of These Do You Know and Love?

Think you’re a “real geek”? Test yourself against these important geeky franchises to see how many of them you really know!

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We’re all geeks here! And it’s a wonderful time to be a geek because we get to experience all of the best movies, TV shows, video games, books, and comics ever made.

But some geeky franchises have been so successful that they’ve transcended mere geekdom to amass fans from all walks of life, from all over the world. Some might even say that these important franchises are so deeply engrained in geek culture that you can’t be a “real geek” without experiencing them! (We’d never say that, of course.)

Still, if you want to dive deeper into geekdom and see some of the seminal material that led to modern geek culture as we know it, then you should absolutely start with these groundbreaking, influential, and genre-defining media franchises.

The Most Geeky Franchises

Download our free cheat sheet of geeky media franchises, the ones that started geek culture as we know it. You’ll learn where each franchise began, in what format, the high and low point of each franchise, and more! It’s a quick way to earn your geek cred if you want to get up to speed:
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