Think You’re a Geek? How Many of These Franchises Do You Know?

Think you’re a true geek? These are the franchises you need to know about.

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We’re all nerds! It’s wonderful to be a nerd because we get to experience the best movies, TV shows, books, comic books, and video games.

However, there are some franchises that we think every nerd needs to know about. From Harry Potter to Batman, Back to the Future to Super Mario, these franchises are deeply ingrained in nerd culture.

To help you get up to speed, we’ve created a must-know franchise cheat sheet that lists all the nerdiest franchises and is crammed full of interesting facts about them.

Our free cheat sheet summarizes when these franchises began, in what format (since they span multiple!), and the highs and lows. You can quickly become au fait without even seeing or watching them.

Franchises You Must Know as a Nerd preview

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Our cheat sheets are the perfect resources for you to print out for easy reference, or to share with your colleagues and friends. What are you waiting for?