The 7 Most Useful Features of Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited is packed with features, but some of them are less obvious! Here are the most useful ones you need to know about.
The 7 Most Useful Features of Marvel Unlimited

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Are you a new Marvel Unlimited user trying to figure out what you can actually do with the service? Or maybe you're thinking about subscribing to Marvel Unlimited and want to make sure it's going to be worth your hard-earned money?

Here are some of the most useful features available to you when reading digital comics via Marvel Unlimited.

1. Smart Panel View

Smart Panels are the feature that makes reading digital comics a pleasant experience. Without them, you'd be either trying to read a full page on your smartphone's screen or trying to manually zoom in and move to each panel.

With Marvel Unlimited's Smart Panel feature, it'll automatically move from panel to panel while zooming on the right places to make sure you can read all of the text and take in each of the pictures easily.

Unless you have a huge screen to read on, this feature is more or less mandatory—and Marvel did a great job making it work.

2. View Full Page With Smart Panels

One issue I have with Smart Panels is that feeling when you first turn the page and see a quick glimpse of what's to come, as it jumps right to the first panel when you go to a new page.

Thankfully, there's a feature that'll show the full page either when you first get to it or when you're about to go to the next page. This lets you drink in the whole page in the same way you would with a physical comic book.

Plus, it lets you know when you've actually moved to a new page, which is nice.

3. Reading Lists

Marvel Unlimited is daunting. The service features more than 25,000 issues spanning a vast amount of characters and events. Knowing where to get started is hard.

Thankfully, Marvel Unlimited has curated reading lists that'll help you get going.

With lists, you can see things like all of the issues you need to read for a certain event, what you need to read to get the full backstory of a character, or all the issues you need to see from a certain era of Marvel. It makes knowing what to read far less intimidating, which is perfect for new users.

4. New This Week

Marvel Unlimited receives new comics about six months after they're available in local comic stores, which means there's always new issues being added to the service for your reading pleasure.

Marvel Unlimited features a New This Week section that shows you all of the new comics that have rolled out to the service.

If you're the kind of person who likes to keep up with the latest and greatest (well, the six-months-old latest and greats), then you're going to love this section.

5. Offline Reading

No cell service or Wi-Fi? No problems (sort of). Marvel Unlimited has an offline feature that allows you to download issues and read them when you don't have a connection.

However, the feature isn't perfect, as it only lets you download 12 issues at a time. That means you won't be able to keep yourself entertained for a full plane flight with comics. While it's an unfortunate drawback, 12 offline issues is better than none!

6. Web Browser Support

If you want to read on a larger screen, you can actually use Marvel Unlimited in your web browser. This opens up a whole slew of devices that can't run the Android or iPhone app.

If your laptop or other device has a large screen, you can actually get by without using Smart Panels, which more closely creates the feeling of reading a physical comic book.

7. Library and Reading Lists

If you're not taking advantage of the library and reading lists in Marvel Unlimited, you're going to have a bad time. These features allow you to keep track of all the stuff you've read, want to read, and are currently reading.

Reading Lists are a great way to plan out your upcoming reads, which is critical to navigating the massive amount of comics available on the service. Fill yours in, and it'll make pulling out the app and reading comics a much better experience.