The 8 Most Powerful Logia Devil Fruit Characters in One Piece

The Logia-type Devil Fruit is the rarest of all, granting users control over a specific element—and even transform their body into it.
The 8 Most Powerful Logia Devil Fruit Characters in One Piece

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While Zoan-type and Paramecia-type Devil Fruits are prominent in One Piece, Logia-type Devil Fruits are much rarer. As a result, Logia-type abilities tend to be unique and more powerful than others.

Logia-type Devil Fruits allow users to generate and manipulate elemental substances and matter, as well as turn their bodies (or certain parts) into those substances and matter, giving the user's body the attributes of their respective Devil Fruit elements.

It almost sounds similar to Paramecia, but there are key differences.

Logia-types are based on naturally occurring elements and substances (e.g. fire, ice, smoke) while Paramecia-types can only manipulate substances that aren't elemental and they can't turn their bodies into the substances being manipulated.

Another thing that makes Logia-types superior to others is their invulnerability to physical attacks, thanks to their ability to turn their bodies into their elements. At least, until Haki is introduced.

However, not all Logia-type Devil Fruit users are necessarily interesting, and there are Paramecia-types and Zoan-types who can stand their ground against Logia-types (like Whitebeard and Marco).

Here are the most powerful Logia-type Devil Fruit characters in One Piece. There are only a handful of them!

8. Crocodile

Crocodile is a former Warlord, who was later imprisoned by Impel Down. He has the power of Suna Suna no Mi, granting him the attributes and properties of sand.

Aside from his invulnerability and ability to create sandstorms, his most troublesome feat is liquid absorption, which can dry out anything of all moisture, including living things.

7. Portgas D. Ace

Ace is the sworn brother of Luffy and the son of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. He possesses the Mera Mera no Mi, which gives him the powers of fire and the epithet "Fire Fist."

Not only can he make massive fireballs and towering pillars of flame that can burn anything down, his body is also invulnerable to attacks as it turns to fire when hit or attacked.

He was captured by the Marines (through Blackbeard), which eventually stirred up the whole world in the Marineford War. His "untimely death" was one of the saddest moments in the One Piece series.

6. Sabo

After Ace's death, the same Mera Mera no Mi emerged somewhere else and eventually fell into Doflamingo's hands. He then used it as a prize for the Corrida Colosseum battle to lure Luffy.

Sabo, who switched places with Luffy just before the final fight, managed to obtain the Mera Mera no Mi and its abilities.

Much like its previous user, the Mera Mera no Mi's flames are just as grand in Sabo—which is quite fitting given that Sabo is himself also a sworn brother to Ace (and Luffy).

5. Kizaru

Borsalino, also known in the Marines as Kizaru, is a flashy character—literally! He ate the Pika Pika no Mi and gained the power of light.

He can shoot light beams that pierce or explode, and can even create a "light sword" to be used against sword masters like Rayleigh.

Because light can travel very fast, Kizaru himself can move super fast, giving his melee attacks intense force and momentum. He can also use his ability to "shine" brightly and blind his opponents.

He's strong enough to single-handedly overpower four of the rookie Supernovas at Sabaody Archipelago, and he can stop Whitebeard's destructive blade with just one foot during the Marineford War.

4. Akainu

Sakazuki, or Fleet Admiral Akainu, is the current head of the Marines. He has the power of Magu Magu no Mi—the attributes of magma.

During the Marineford War, he showed us tons of powerful abilities that pushed his adversaries into corners. He can fire exploding projectiles of molten-and-burning rocks and turn himself into magma.

The most controversial moment during the Marineford War was when he burned and killed Ace, who was supposedly immune to fire himself. (Apparently, Akainu's fire is superior and hotter than Ace's fire.)

Akainu's Devil Fruit is pretty overpowered as it can even turn half of an entire island's weather and environment into a fiery inferno.

3. Aokiji

Kuzan (or Aokiji) is a former Marine Vice Admiral who has the power of Hie Hie no Mi, which grants him the abilities and attributes of ice.

With his Devil Fruit powers, he can even freeze an entire ocean, as shown when he froze the incoming tsunami from Whitebeard's quakes. He can also hug someone to death, like he almost did with Nico Robin.

Aokiji's ice is equally as powerful as Akainu's magma, able to turn half of the island's weather and environment into a freezing hell.

2. Enel

Enel is the self-proclaimed god of Skypiea after stealing the position from Gan Fall. He has the power of Goro Goro no Mi, the Devil Fruit that grants him the ability to generate and control electricity.

He can create or emit bolts that surge with thousands of volts, enough to burn anyone to a crisp from the inside out.

However, Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Mi is the perfect counter to Enel's Goro Goro no Mi because rubber isn't affected by electricity.

Yet, while rubber beats electricity, Enel still has his "mantra" that he uses to detect Luffy's attacks, making him still able to put up a solid fight despite his elemental disadvantage.

1. Marshall D. Teach

Marshall D. Teach (aka Blackbeard) is one of the Emperors of the Sea. He was once a member of the Whitebeard Pirates, and he acquired the power of Yami Yami no Mi after stealing it and murdering one of the crew.

Yami Yami no Mi gives him the power of darkness that pulls everything into nothingness, and he can nullify Devil Fruit-based attacks (and attackers) by sucking them into the void.

It's pretty much a special type, as it doesn't give Blackbeard the ability to turn into darkness like other Devil Fruits do, and he's the ultimate enemy of any and all Devil Fruit eaters.

On top of that, Blackbeard is the only man who possesses two Devil Fruit powers—he can steal Devil Fruit abilities from other users and distribute them to his crew. All combined, Blackbeard is one of the most formidable villains in the entire One Piece series.