The 10 Most Powerful Zoan Devil Fruit Characters in One Piece

The rare Zoan-type Devil Fruit allows its consumer to transform into an animal species (or an inter-species hybrid).
The 10 Most Powerful Zoan Devil Fruit Characters in One Piece

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At the start of One Piece, we're obsessed with the magical abilities of the so-called "devil fruits"—and enamored by powers like Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Mi and the Mera Mera no Mi of Ace and Sabo.

While Zoan-type devil fruits are rare during the early episodes, the Wano Arc features a lot of them that are interesting to dig deeper into.

Taking a closer look at all the Zoan-type ability users, we see that there's quite a bit more than meets the eye when it comes to classification, models, and names. There are some powers that even surpass the Logia-type and Paramecia-type abilities, which are great in battles.

Here are some of the most powerful Zoan-type devil fruit users in One Piece and what their abilities are like.

10. Catarina Devon (Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyubi no Kitsune)

Devon was a prisoner of Impel Down who joined Blackbeard's crew. She possesses the mythical Zoan-type Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyubi no Kitsune (the Nine-Tailed Fox).

Although the series only featured her imitating the dead Absalom to trick Moria, she's still one of the more powerful Zoan-type users because of her deception ability (far greater than Mr. 2's Mane Mane no Mi).

9. Pekoms (Kame Kame no Mi)

Pekoms is a Lion Mink who ate the Kame Kame no Mi, which gave him the ability to turn into a turtle (imagine a lion turning into a turtle!). His hard shell is his shield that's as tough as a diamond and able to withstand a barrage of bullets from Caribou.

If only he could control his Sulong form, he might be the best combatant with an indestructible shield and destructive offensive capabilities.

8. Grount (Unknown Devil Fruit)

All-Hunt Grount is a Marine captain who was a subordinate of the former Admiral Aokiji. He ate an unknown devil fruit, which gave him the ability to turn only his left arm into a furry monstrosity.

Although there are no given reasons why he can't do a hybrid-form or a full-beast form, he's still seen as a powerful Zoan-type—like when he fought Luffy in 2nd and 3rd gears equally with only his left arm manifesting his devil fruit powers.

7. Kaku (Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Giraffe)

Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Giraffe has lots of weaknesses due to its form with a long unprotected neck and the nature of a harmless animal.

This devil fruit was given to Kaku, one of the members of CP9. Having lots of weaknesses, Kaku utilized the devil fruit's power and effectiveness by combining the giraffe's strength, durability, and long neck with his technique and swordsmanship.

Another Ushi Ushi no Mi featured in the series was the Bison model of Dalton of the Drum Island.

6. Rob Lucci (Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard)

Rob Lucci, the user of Neko Neko No Mi, Model: Leopard, showed the devil fruit's power at its best. Lucci gained control over the devil fruit's ability and can transform and use its power at will.

With no signs of weakness, Lucci takes advantage of the leopard's ability, such as enhanced strength, endurance, agility, strong teeth and claws, stealth, amplified senses, and enhanced climbing/jumping capabilities to gain the upper hand during his battle with Luffy at Enies Lobby.

5. X Drake (Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Allosaurus)

This devil fruit grants the ability to turn into an Ancient Zoan-type monster and was featured in the series having different models.

The most notable one is X Drake's Allosaurus model, which was seen during the Sabaody Archipelago arc. Another user is Queen with his Brachiosaurus model, which was able to knock Big Mom unconscious. Page One's model is similar to X Drake's as the Spinosaurus.

Like all Zoan types, Ryu Ryu no Mi users can transform to beast form at will, having the features of ancient dinosaurs.

4. Chopper (Hito Hito no Mi)

Hito Hito no Mi is a devil fruit that makes its user turn into a human hybrid if eaten by an animal or object. In this case, it was consumed by the reindeer Tony Tony Chopper.

Hito Hito no Mi, with the power to provide its user the ability to think and communicate like humans, is of great help to Chopper as a doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. Aside from the intelligence manifested, Chopper made use of its fighting skills, especially in close combat.

Like other Zoan-type devil fruits that have three phases, the Hito Hito no Mi gave Chopper the ability to transform into a gigantic beast (using a Rumble Ball), a form that he first showed in the Enies Lobby arc.

3. Sengoku (Hito Hito No Mi, Model: Daibutsu)

Daibutsu (a giant gold Buddha) is another model of Hito Hito no Mi and was consumed by Sengoku.

With no apparent weakness, Sengoku uses the devil fruit's power and turns himself into a giant golden Buddha, possessing an increase in strength that matches its increased size. In this form, Sengoku can produce strong shock waves from just a palm thrust.

2. Marco (Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix)

Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix possesses the abilities of the legendary phoenix, a creature that's said to be reborn from its own ashes. This powerful devil fruit was eaten by one of the Whitebeard Fleet Commanders, Marco.

Marco in his beast form resembles a bird of blue fire. Along with its speed and control over fire, Marco made good use of its healing factor. Combined with his superhuman strength, his near-invulnerability matched the attacks of Admiral Akainu during the war at Marineford.

1. Kaido (Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu)

One of the mythical Zoan-type devil fruits known as Uo Uo No Mi, Model: Seiryu was eaten by Kaido, one of the Sea Emperors. The consumer of this devil fruit gains the ability to transform into a blue eastern dragon known as the Azure Dragon.

It's the beast form Kaido showed when he confronted Oden and his followers. As the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu user, he gained the mastery to endure prolonged physical attacks, making him an invincible foe and a well-known "Kaido of the Hundred Beasts."