5 Batman Villains Who Deserve Time on the Big Screen

The Joker is awesome, but it's time to give some of Batman's lesser-known enemies a moment in the spotlight.
5 Batman Villains Who Deserve Time on the Big Screen

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There's certainly no shortage of Batman movies. Lots of different directors have had the chance to bring the Dark Knight to the big screen. In most of those movies, we see the same villains used over and over again. The Joker is awesome, but it's time to give some of Batman's lesser-known enemies a moment in the spotlight.

One of the best things about using these less popular villains is that it makes the stories less predictable. Sure, you can put a new spin on Bane, Joker, and Two-Face, but if studios elevated these villains, it would create stories that'll surprise moviegoers.

1. Anarky

Anarky is a fantastic villain because he's actually relatable and his reasoning is sound. He's not just a madman out to destroy the world, but rather, he thinks he's helping everyone in Gotham. He wants to overthrow the governments because he believes it will actually help save the world.

Of course, like all good villains, his methods are not exactly ethical, which is why Batman needs to stop him. In spite of not being one of Batman's primary villains, his depth of character makes him worth some big screen time.

2. Man-Bat

A lot of villains in the Batman universe lack superpowers. Batman himself is mostly just a man with gadgets. But Man-Bat isn't like those other villains. He has super strength, speed, flight ability, and superhuman senses. While Batman might wear a bat-like suit, Man-Bat takes his bat-gland formula and essentially turns into a giant bat.

Of course, Man-Bat isn't without weakness. If he stays in bat form too long, he loses control and becomes a risk to himself. Additionally, the bat-gland formula will wear off after a while, leaving him vulnerable in his human form.

3. Firefly

Firefly, in his most recent iteration, has been portrayed as a twisted pyromaniac, which makes him well suited to the special effects used on the big screen. He's been featured in just about every form of Batman media except for his movies. He's had the spotlight in cartoons, video games, comics, and even the Arrow TV show, but he's been forgotten in the movie world.

Like some of the best villains out there, Firefly isn't super powerful, but he has a very particular skill set that allows him to put up a fight against Batman. His sociopathic nature makes him an interesting character who would resonate well with moviegoers, much like The Joker has over the years.

4. Black Mask

Black Mask is actually getting his shot on the big screen as part of Birds of Prey, which is great, but it's not quite the moment in the spotlight he truly deserves. Instead, I'd much rather see the criminal mastermind square up against Batman in a primary DC film rather than part of the extended DC Universe.

Black Mask actually has the power of mind control while wearing his mask, which is always an interesting plot device for movies. He's skilled with a gun and with his hands, which will make for some great fight scenes against Batman.

5. Deathstroke

Deathstroke is generally regarded as a fantastic villain in the DC world, but he's primarily focused his efforts on the Teen Titans. However, over the years, he has faced off with Batman, which makes him ready to jump to the big screen. He has some fantastic powers that make him a tough adversary to any superhero. He has superhuman strength, expert combat skills, a regenerative healing factor, and an incredible tactical mind.

Deathstroke was already slated to be in an upcoming Batman film with Ben Affleck, but the script has since been rewritten, leaving Deathstroke's appearance in question. There's a Deathstroke film in the works, but it's still early in development, and there's no guarantee we'll actually see it released. He did make a brief cameo in the Justice League film, but it didn't give him the spotlight he deserved.