9 Wrestlers Who Are Like Your Favorite Superheroes

Seriously, wrestling really is the geeky hobby you've been looking for, especially if you're a fan of superheroes!
9 Wrestlers Who Are Like Your Favorite Superheroes

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Wrestlers are often shown as larger-than-life characters who are more like superheroes than traditional athletes.

But the comparisons between superheroes actually runs deeper! As it turns out, there are some pretty serious parallels that can be drawn between some of the best wrestlers in the world and some of the most beloved characters in comic books.

Seriously, wrestling really is the geeky hobby you've been looking for, especially if you're a fan of superheroes!

1. Ricochet — The Flash

The Flash is primarily known for one thing: he's insanely fast. When it comes to speed and athleticism in professional wrestling, there's no one quite like Ricochet. He performs insane moves back-to-back in a way that can be hard to even keep up with.

2. John Cena — Superman

John Cena is often called Super Cena by WWE fans, and that name is quite fitting for him. Like Superman, he's one of the most powerful individuals in wrestling.

He rarely loses and he doesn't have many weaknesses. He's incredibly strong and tough in the ring, but outside of the ring, he's soft-spoken and willing to give back to the community.

3. Brock Lesnar — The Incredible Hulk

On the obvious level, Brock Lesnar is a giant man who looks quite like the Hulk. Just picture Brock with green skin and you'll know what I mean.

But it goes deeper than that—Brock is an incredibly smart man, often out-negotiating Vince McMahon to become the highest paid wrestler in the company. When not The Hulk, Bruce Banner is incredibly intelligent, just like Brock!

4. Kofi Kingston — Falcon

The Falcon is known for his ability to fly, and so is Kofi Kingston! Well, not literally, but Kofi is known for his ability to defy gravity every year at the Royal Rumble when he avoids elimination in creative ways.

Like Falcon, he also works well with a team, as he's been loyal to his brothers in The New Day for years, just like Falcon!

5. Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley) — Wolverine

This might be the best match on the list. Jon Moxley (or Dean Ambrose, as he was known is his WWE run) is a perfect facsimile for Wolverine.

Both are dark and brooding. Both are forced to work in a team, but prefer to be lone wolves. Each of the characters seems to take inhumanly amounts of punishment without stopping (Moxley is known for his hardcore wrestling matches).

6. Lio Rush — Spider-Man

No, Lio Rush can't shoot web from his hands, but he does have some of the best evasive moves out of any wrestler in the business.

While managing Bobby Lashley, Lio would often have to run away from larger wrestlers, and in doing so, he'd pull off some insanely acrobatic dodges and escapes. Just like Spider-Man! Plus, Lio is a fantastic talker with a quick wit, much like Peter Parker.

7. Batista — Drax

I mean, this is kind of a no-brainer, since Batista already did an incredible job of playing Drax in the MCU. Both are huge, both don't have a ton to say, but when they speak it's impactful, and both can fight! The casting team at Marvel did a fantastic job, and we couldn't agree more with Batista as Drax!

8. The Miz — Loki

The Miz isn't the toughest wrestler by a long shot. Compared to his brother Thor, Loki is pretty weak physically. But he's crafty, smart, and able to manipulate just about any situation to his advantage.

The Miz is the same way, often winning championships by outsmarting his opponent (and often bending the rules to his advantage).

9. Xavier Woods — Cyborg

Both Cyborg and Xavier Woods are incredibly smart individuals who are also tough, badasses. Woods is a giant nerd, topping our list of wrestlers who are giant nerds. But like Cyborg, he uses his geekiness to optimize his training and become better in the ring,