10 Awesome Wrestling Moves That Are Cooler Than Film Choreography

Did you know that pro wrestling's fight choreography is often better than anything you can find in film and TV?

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When it comes to badass fights, most people tend to think of movies as the place to go. Action movies tend to be particularly packed with intense fight choreography that seems too cool to be real.

But there's another place you can turn to get some amazing fight scenes and cool moves: professional wrestling! That's right, everyone's favorite predetermined sporting event has some choreography that rivals any of the best movies out there.

1. Kenny Omega: One-Winged Angel


This is easily my favorite move that any wrestler does right now, and it's one of the most protected (it always ends matches) finishing moves in all of wrestling. Between how cool it looks, how badly it could be messed up, and how devastating it appears to be, it's just the perfect wrestling move from one of the best wrestlers on the planet.

2. Randy Orton: RKO

This is one of the most well-known moves in professional wrestling because the "outta nowhere" portion of the move actually became a popular meme. That meme didn't come from "outta nowhere" though, because Randy Orton has pulled off some absolutely insane RKOs over the years that take the relatively simple move and catapults it to an incredible level.

3. AJ Styles: Styles Clash


Unfortunately, AJ Styles has transitioned more towards using the Phenomenal Forearm as his finishing move, but that hasn't stopped the Styles Clash from being one of the coolest moves in all of wrestling. It's fairly dangerous to execute, as the opponent simply putting their head the wrong way can lead to serious injury.

4. Richochet: 630


There's not a lot of description required for this move. The incredibly athletic Ricochet flips multiple times and lands perfectly on his opponent, leading to victory. The margin for error is tiny, as over or under spinning could lead to serious injury for both Ricochet and his opponent.

5. Will Ospreay: Storm Breaker


Will Ospreay actually introduced this finishing move to his arsenal relatively recently, and it's made one of the best wrestlers in the world even better. While there was nothing wrong with the Oscutter (it's basically a Diamond Cutter/RKO off the ropes), the degree of athleticism of the Storm Breaker is much more impressive.

6. PAC FKA Neville: Black Arrow FKA Red Arrow


PAC, who was known as Neville during his WWE run, is one of the most impressive high-flying wrestlers in the world, and his finishing move is absolutely mind-blowing. It's a Shooting Star Press with a 360-degree rotation. Seriously, just check out the video above and be blown away.

7. Seth Rollins: Stomp


The Stomp is such a simple move. The opponent bends over and Seth Rollins steps on the back of their head and drives their head into the mat. But what makes it interesting is how Rollins manages to get his opponents into position to receive the move. Plus, it's such a violent-looking move, which is awesome.

8. Young Bucks: Meltzer Driver


The Young Bucks are basically a walking highlight reel of wrestling moves, but the Meltzer Driver is one move that really stands out from the crowd. They take The Undertaker's Tombstone Piledriver and turn it into a tag team move with some impressive Young Buck flips.

9. Tons of Wrestlers: Canadian Destroyer


The Canadian Destroyer is hardly a realistic-looking move, as it clearly requires a bit of help from your opponent to execute. However, in spite of that, it's such a cool-looking move that it deserves lots of praise and attention. While plenty of performers have used the move, Petey Williams had it as his finisher!

10. Lots of Wrestlers: Spear

There's just something about the simplicity of running really fast and driving your shoulder into your opponent's gut. Between wrestlers like Edge, Goldberg, Roman Reigns and tons of others, there's no shortage of spears in pro wrestling. In spite of that, the fact that move can be delivered without much setup makes it awesome.