The 13 Coolest Quirks in My Hero Academia That Are Really Useful

My Hero Academia has introduced hundreds of Quirks over its run. Here are some of the coolest ones and why they stand out.
The 13 Coolest Quirks in My Hero Academia That Are Really Useful

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In My Hero Academia, most people are born with so-called Quirks, which are special innate abilities that exhibit once awakened.

These gifted people can use their powers in many ways, like protecting the weak, treating the sick, and saving endangered lives. Then again, many Quirks are destructive by nature and can really only be used to hurt others, threaten peace, and bring about widespread extinction.

So many Quirks have been featured throughout My Hero Academia, but some are a lot cooler than others. Here are the coolest Quirks in My Hero Academia and why they're extraordinary.

13. All for One (All for One)

When it comes to battle, the All for One Quirk really is the most useful, especially when you see how it's used by All for One. With this Quirk, he can steal other abilities and use them as his own.

All for One is known for using this Quirk proficiently, as he knows exactly which Quirks to use in order to counter incoming attacks or enhance his own properties to overwhelm someone like All Might.

With tons of stolen and stored Quirks in his repertoire thanks to the All for One Quirk, he always has whatever he needs in battle.

12. Half Cold, Half Hot (Shoto Todoroki)

Shoto Todoroki's Half Cold, Half Hot Quirk is proof that he is the son of his parents, having inherited a perfect balance of their Quirks.

Specifically, Todoroki inherited the ice-based Quirk of his mother and the fire-based Quirk of his father, with the ice features manifesting on his right side and the fire features manifesting on his left.

What makes this Quirk so cool is that it's a combination of two powerful elemental attributes—he doesn't just control ice and fire, but he's also highly resistant to both elements.

11. Erase (Shota Aizawa)

Shota Aizawa's Quirk is called Erase, and it's so scary for his opponents because it allows him to nullify any Quirk (the only exception being mutant-type Quirks that permanently modify physical attributes).

This awesome Quirk is so useful for subduing unruly students or criminals who use their Quirks to commit crimes. On the other hand, it can be a serious problem in the wrong hands—like if it's stolen.

10. Permeation (Mirio Togata)

Mirio Togata's Permeation Quirk allows him to pass through anything, even opponents' attacks. It works the same way as Obito's (Naruto) time-space ninjutsu, effectively making him invulnerable during fights.

Another thing that makes Mirio's Permeation cool is that he can solidify himself within something—like a floor or wall—and it will propel him outward, giving an extra boost of momentum for a powerful punch.

9. Dupli-Arms (Mezo Shoji)

Dupli-Arms is a mutant-type Quirk that grants Mezo Shoji the ability to generate an extra arm on which he can duplicate any part of his body.

For example, he can produce arms with eyeballs that can be used for surveillance and reconnaissance purposes. More regularly, Dupli-Arms can be used to create extra hands to make many tasks a lot easier.

8. Search (Ragdoll)

The Search Quirk is perfect for recon and spying. It allows its user to observe up to a hundred individuals, even from miles away. It also gathers critical information, including the targets' locations and weaknesses.

It was formerly owned by Ragdoll, but later was stolen by All for One. Tomura Shigaraki also used Search to locate Izuku Midoriya and the One for All during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.

7. Hardening (Eijiro Kirishima)

Hardening is both an offensive and defensive Quirk. It allows its user to harden any part of his body, thus turning their skin into an ultimate defense or an indestructible weapon.

Eijiro Kirishima trained and upgraded his Hardening Quirk, giving him the ability called Red Riot: Unbreakable, which pushed his hardening to its maximum level for a limited time.

Armed with a body that absorbs attacks and fists that crush opponents, Hardening is the ideal Quirk for anyone who's reckless.

6. Brainwash (Hitoshi Shinso)

Hitoshi Shinso's Brainwash Quirk allows him to take control of anyone who verbally answers him. Though it has a lot of obvious weaknesses, it can be pretty overpowered when used well—and it's bad news for anyone who falls victim to it.

Those who end up under the effects of Brainwash turn into willing pawns of the user, who happily obey everything he commands. Luckily, Shinso is someone who wants to be a hero, not a villain.

5. Heal (Recovery Girl)

Recovery Girl's Heal Quirk is a regenerative ability that enhances and speeds up a target's healing process, able to cure an injury that needs months to heal in a matter of seconds.

This ability is, obviously, very useful! Especially in a school that trains aspiring heroes who are subjected to injuries during training.

But this Quirk's healing can be risky for the patient because it uses their stamina during the process. It may be able to heal patients who are severely and critically injured, but they could die if they're too weak.

4. Confession (Shin Nemoto)

Confession is a pretty terrifying Quirk if you're someone who's been hiding many things. When its user asks something, it forces the victim to answer with the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Shin Nemoto uses his Quirk to ask Toga and Twice whether Shigaraki ordered them to betray Shie Hassaikai. It's the reason why Overhaul puts his guard down, thinking the League of Villains will work with them.

3. Rewind (Eri)

Eri's Quirk, called Rewind, can revert anyone to a previous state of being, like turning a wounded person back to before they were wounded. It can also revert someone back to before they ever existed.

Despite its terrifying potential, Eri often puts Rewind to good use—like when Izuku carried her on his back and she used Rewind to undo all the drawbacks of Izuku's One for All Quirk, allowing him to exert the full potential of his Quirk without repercussions.

2. Foresight (Sir Nighteye)

Sir Nighteye's Foresight Quirk allows him to touch anyone and see up to an hour of their future. It comes in handy for situations like predicting a suspicious person's movements for the next hour.

With this Quirk, one can stop a crime before it happens. But it's also useful for combat, as it allows the user to predict opponents' attacks and dodge them as they're executed.

The only downside of Foresight is that it needs a 24-hour cooldown period before it can be activated again.

1. Creation (Momo Yaoyorozu)

Creation is Momo Yaoyorozu's Quirk that allows her to uses her body's lipids/fats to create any inanimate object out of thin air—as long as she knows the material composition of whatever she wants to create.

She uses this ability several times throughout the series, like when she creates an insulated blanket to protect herself and Kyoka Jiro from Denki Kaminari's electricity during their battle against villains, or when she creates sedatives to stop Gigantomachia.

Creation is the most useful ability in My Hero Academia despite its lack of offensive and defensive properties. With its user's knowledge of things, one can craft all kinds of helpful items for any given situation.