The 11 Coolest Armor Designs and Outfits in Movies, Ranked

Weapons are cool, but armor can be cooler. These armor outfit designs make their characters far more badass than they would be otherwise.
The 11 Coolest Armor Designs and Outfits in Movies, Ranked

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A character is incomplete if they have no outfit to complement their identity, status, and development. Character outfits can range across many types—from jewel-embedded gowns to fantastical robes of wizardry—but no matter the type, every character needs a suitable outfit.

And one of the coolest outfit types is the armor outfit. Between breastplates, helmets, gauntlets, and all the other ensemble pieces, the design of a character's armor can elevate them from boring to legendary.

Here are our picks for the coolest armor outfit designs throughout modern cinema history, from superheroes to aliens to ghouls.

11. Spawn's Outfit (Spawn)

Spawn's outfit is comprised of a torn red cape and a black body suit. What makes this one cool is that it's actually a living entity that's connected to Spawn's brain—one that changes and adapts to what Spawn wants it to be, from suction cups (for walking on walls) to camouflage cover.

During his fight with the crazy clown Violator, he morphed his suit into a horned bunker-like stronghold and used it to crush the oil tanker that was coming in his direction at full speed.

10. Black Armor (A Writer's Odyssey)

A Writer's Odyssey is a Chinese action-fantasy film that features an armor that has its own mind, attaches itself to hosts, and feeds on their blood. The armor, however, isn't metallic; rather, it's comprised of ancient rocks.

Despite being a parasitic armor, it still offers protection and aid to its host, and it's even able to detach itself to become a separate character—and when it's out of its host's body, it's a ruthless killer.

9. The Batsuit (The Dark Knight)

There are many variations of the Batsuit, with different versions showing up across the numerous Batman films. But they all share one thing in common: they instill fear into criminals.

One Batsuit in particular stands out as far as design and functionality: the Batsuit of The Dark Knight. The entire suit is comprised of plated armor pieces (instead of one whole piece), lending flexibility and mobility without compromising durability or the protection it offers.

The suit features engraved patterns that give it refined detail, and it almost looks like a villain's suit. It's no ordinary superhero suit, that's for sure.

8. Baymax's Battle Armor (Big Hero Six)

Normally, Baymax looks like a giant stuffed toy: fluffy, squishy, and cuddly. But with his red battle armor, he looks more like a badass action hero than simply the healthcare companion that he is.

Hiro created this robust armor to protect Baymax's inflatable body, which covers almost all of his softer parts. Hiro also included useful accessories in the suit, like thrusters for flight and the rocket punch that Baymax used to save Hiro in the space-time dimension.

7. Iron Spider Armor (Avengers: Infinity War)

While Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield both wore Spider-Man suits that were simply outfits to hide their identities, Tom Holland's Iron Spider Armor is way more advanced, given that it came from Tony Stark.

The Iron Spider Armor's design resembles the original Spider-Man suit but is made up of nanotech instead of ordinary cloth. It also has an AI interface that's connected to FRIDAY for some remote-controlled features. Plus, it has retractable legs that make Peter look more like a spider!

6. Yautja's Headgear (Predator)

The Yautja of the Predator franchise don't wear much body armor, but they have iconic helmets—and that's enough for inclusion on this list.

The headgear of the Yautja is solid and shaped to accommodate the Yautja's facial features, particularly their monstrous jaws and fangs, and it includes otherworldly technology that they use to hunt their so-called "prey."

As for their bodies, they look armored and powerful, but they don't really need any suits as they're already tough and formidable.

5. Predator Killer (The Predator)

Though the Predator Killer was only introduced right at the end of The Predator, it gave those last few seconds an escalated intensity.

The Predator Killer works the same way as the Iron Man nanotech suit, in which it encases the human wearer with armor that's bolstered by alien technology, including laser cannons and heavy artilleries.

Interestingly, the design of the Predator Killer sports an appearance that's very much like the appearance of the Yautja.

4. Witch King of Angmar (Lord of the Rings)

The Lord of the Rings franchise features a fantasy world filled with medieval-inspired warriors who are mostly clad in heavy armor. But then there's the Witch King of Angmar, who looks way cooler than anyone else.

The Witch King's armor features intricate designs befitting his dark and sinister character, with the most prominent feature being the headgear that's comprised of multiple horn-like extensions. Plus, you can't see inside it—there's nothing but shadow and darkness in there.

3. Iron Man Suit (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

It'd be a long list if we included every version of the Iron Man suit, so we're bundling them all as one.

From Mark I to the very last nanotech suit, Tony Stark's armor suits are equipped with numerous accessories, weapons, and anything else he'd ever need for any given situation, whether a terrorist attack or an alien invasion.

Iron Man's "suiting up" scenes are awesome to watch as each piece locks and clicks into place, with the mechanical details shown on screen (well, except for the nanotech suit, which encases Stark).

We can see how each suit improves upon its predecessor and covers over flaws and shortcomings. For example, at first Tony needs a landing pad that unequips his armor piece by piece, but by Avengers: Infinity War, he can wear and unwear his suit with just a tap.

2. Hulkbuster (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

The Hulkbuster was an Iron Man-type suit of armor that was built to go up against the Hulk in his blind rampages.

It features the same red-and-gold color scheme of Iron Man's suits, but without the sleek and nimble designs. Instead, this one is huge, bold, and badass, with a head that looks very much like the Juggernaut. And it's capable of flight—even while carrying something as large as the Hulk.

During Avengers: Infinity War, Bruce Banner actually used the Hulkbuster suit himself since the real Hulk wouldn't come out.

1. John Wick's Suit (John Wick: Chapter 2)

The custom-made suit of John Wick is stylish and classy, fitting the gentleman's facade. But underneath the fine garments, it has a tactical purpose: a lightweight yet durable bulletproof covering.

This suit isn't the kind made by any ordinary tailor. The tailor himself specializes in his association with assassins and hitmen, so he knows exactly what his clients need. As far as looks go, John Wick's suit of armor is unmatched in its elegance.