The 7 Best Trivia Board Games for Brainiac Players

Are you the human embodiment of Ask Jeeves? Challenge yourself and your friends to these fun trivia board games!
The 7 Best Trivia Board Games for Brainiac Players

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Think you're a master at Jeopardy? From science to history and even psychology, you know it all. Well, it's time to put your skills to the test against some worthy opponents.

Gather your geekiest friends and family for a game night centered around trivia. Who's the smartest nerd of them all? Find out with these board games made specifically for the trivia whiz.

7. 5 Second Rule

This game will have you and your friends erupting in laughter as you attempt to answer questions in a five-second time span.

At the beginning of your turn, put a marble inside the twisted timer. Each question asks you to name three things in a specific category.

If you successfully come up with three answers before the marble reaches the bottom of the timer, you earn a point. Gain the most points by the end of the game, and you're a winner.

If the original 5 Second Rule game is a little too clean for you, you should pick up the uncensored version instead. Try not to waste your time giggling when it's your turn to answer!

6. Wit's End

Wit's End isn't all about answering trivia questions. It invites you to decipher riddles, answer multiple choice questions, and figure out a connection between multiple items.

There's something for everyone in this game; while some questions relate to science and geography, others pertain to pop culture and the arts.

This game works like Trivial Pursuit, except it has a variety of question types. Roll the die, advance a few spaces, and then answer either a brain teaser, odd-one-out, sequence, or wild card.

The board of Wit's End consists of rings, and reaching the center results in a win. But be careful, just one wrong answer can send you back to a lower ring.

With 1,200 unique questions, you'll definitely be at your wit's end by the time you're done with this game.

5. Brain Fart

Trying to answer questions before a timer goes off is a typical game night occurrence. Brain Fart turns this overused concept on its head. In Brain Fart, the timer is a small brain, and it doesn't beep, it farts.

You and a group of friends roll several large dice. The dice have different categories on each side, ranging from body parts to video games and mythical creatures.

Once the players roll their dice, hit the brain to start the timer and display a letter. You have to continually come up with answers that both start with the letter on the brain, and match a category on one of the die.

If the timer runs out and the brain farts on your turn, you get a token. The person who has the least tokens wins!

4. Linkee

Linkee is all about answering little questions and working up to a bigger conclusion. The game pits two teams against each other, while one player acts as a moderator.

The moderator reads off a series of questions that are somewhat related to each other. Equipped with a pen and paper, you and your team must scramble to silently answer each question.

All of these answers connect to the final clue, which answering all the tiny questions helps you figure out.

When your team comes up with the answer, shout "Linkee!" and take a guess. If your team guesses right, you get to keep the card (otherwise, you're out for the round). Each card has a letter on it, and the first to spell out "Linkee" with their cards wins.

3. Mr. Lister's Quiz Shootout

Step back into the days of the Wild West with Mr. Lister's Quiz Shootout, as you engage your friends and family in this western shootout-style trivia game. Assign one person the role of Mr. Lister, the mustachioed trivia moderator, while the rest of the players have an intense battle of the wits.

After you create two teams, Mr. Lister will read out a question that has several correct answers.

One question might read "There are 12 tools on the Spartan model of the Swiss Army Knife. List 'Em." Teams take turns answering the question—the team who gets the most correct answers earns the drink that's on the back of each question card.

If there happens to be a tie, teams must answer an impossible question in the Last Chance Saloon. You might find a question like, "How long does it take a human to freefall from the edge of space back to Earth?" lurking in the Last Chance Saloon.

The team that has the closest answer gets the drink. Collect five different drinks, and you win the game! Make it even more fun by playing with real drinks and some board game-friendly snacks.

2. Smart Ass

We all have that one know-it-all type of board gamer friend that loves to interrupt people while they're concentrating. Now it's your turn to interrupt them for a change.

In Smart Ass, you roll a die to circle around a board. During each turn, you'll have to read a question aloud as you attempt to advance. Keep in mind that this question is fair game for all players. That means you can shout out the answer when it's not your turn, and even before the whole clue gets read.

Reap the satisfaction of stealing someone's thunder as you constantly interrupt them. When you land on the space labeled "The End," you've won (and you've successfully pissed off your entire group of friends and family).

1. Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit consists of questions made for the all-around smartypants. Choose from a whopping 2,950 challenging question cards—you'll rarely have a repeat question that you remember (unless you really are a genius).

Each question has a different category. You'll encounter geography, art, literature, history, science, sports, as well as entertainment-themed questions.

Trivial Pursuit comes with a wheel-shaped board. Roll the die to figure out how many spaces to move.

Depending on where you land, you'll either have to answer a question or you'll get to roll again. If you happen to land on a question space and get the answer right, you can collect a token and keep going until you answer a question incorrectly.

Whoever collects six tokens first (one from each question category) gets to answer one final question. A correct guess equals a win, otherwise, you'll have to try again next time.

Become an Unstoppable Quizmaster!

This is your opportunity to put all the useless facts you've gathered over the years to good use. Show up your friends in obscure and odd topics with any of these trivia games.

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