The 10 Best Characters in One Punch Man, Ranked

One Punch Man has featured tons of different superhero characters, but some definitely stand out more than others.
The 10 Best Characters in One Punch Man, Ranked

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One Punch Man is one of the most unique anime series in how it defies common story tropes. Most notably, it features a protagonist who's too strong and doesn't need any growth or development.

On top of that, One Punch Man features tons of heroes who are classified from C-Class (lowest) to S-Class (highest). Despite this ranking system, some lower-ranked heroes have shown themselves to be more heroic than higher-ranked ones—and they deserve recognition.

Here are our picks for the best heroes in One Punch Man, regardless of what their individual hero classification might be.

10. Mumen Rider

Despite being ranked within the lowest classification, C-Class Rank 1 hero Mumen Rider deserves praise for his undying determination when it comes to justice and protecting people.

Although he's obviously powerless in front of monsters, he still stands his ground to defend the populace. His confrontation with the Sea King proved that he won't back down in front of enemies—like a true hero.

9. Metal Knight (Bofoi)

Though one of the more mysterious characters in the series, Metal Knight proved his usefulness to society with his wide array of weapons and arsenal. Metal Knight turned out to be a remote-controlled robot under the user Bofoi, who worked behind the curtain.

Bofoi is really only interested in technological advancements, as shown when he appeared out of nowhere to release his prototype missiles on an incoming meteor—just to test their firepower.

Fortunately, his endeavors make him an overall positive benefit to the Hero Association and the community as a whole.

8. Puri Puri Prisoner

Not all heroes wear capes; sometimes they wear a prisoner's jumpsuit. Puri Puri Prisoner is a high-ranking hero who was held in prison because of his attitude towards both criminals and co-heroes.

Despite being a prisoner, his sense of justice still prevails to the point that he escapes prison to help protect the community against the Sea King. He even attended a meeting wearing his prison outfit.

7. Atomic Samurai

Though he comes off as an arrogant swordsman, Atomic Samurai's strength can best even some of the most well-known heroes, and his swordsmanship is both impressive and devastating.

He appears tough and stubborn, but he has a deep sense of discipline and compassion under his sleeve, as seen when Atomic Samurai speaks to Iaian after seeing his disciple lose an arm.

He also values humanity over immense power, as shown when he declines the offer of a fellow swordmaster who sided with the monsters.

6. Genos

The cyborg Genos proclaimed himself as Saitama's student, even though he was obviously among the higher ranks.

Much like Metal Knight, he uses advanced weapon-fittings in his body during battles, with a self-destruct feature as his last resort when everything he has fails to eliminate his opponent.

Whenever he's defeated, he always comes back with new upgrades and proves that losing is never a reason to give up. Another thing to commend about Genos is his willingness to give up his own life to destroy enemies with his self-destruct feature.

5. Watchdog Man

Watchdog Man is an S-Class hero who wears a dog costume, pretty much all the time. He guards and watches over Q-City as his territory.

Though he looks emotionless and kind of cute (for dog lovers), Watchdog Man can defeat monsters, pile them up, and stand on top of them with ease. To prove his strength in battle, he simply shakes Garou's hands—and that's enough to drive the latter out of his territory.

4. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki is one of the most hard-headed heroes in One Punch Man. She's an esper who can inflict incredible damage with her psychic abilities, and she can even summon a meteor from outer space.

Even though most of the time she's throwing tantrums at the Hero Association officials and her co-heroes, she's a powerful ally and formidable enemy. She's the older sister of Fubuki, a B-Class hero.

3. Saitama

Undeniably the strongest hero in the series, Saitama ends his opponents with a single hit. He's so strong that he's bored every time he engages in a fight. There's simply no challenge, which means no thrill.

Despite currently ranked as a B-Class hero, he's able to defeat higher-ranked enemies without receiving a single scratch.

Saitama is able to do things that no other hero can, like invading the monster ship and fighting Lord Boros on his own while other S-Class heroes are left fighting underlings below the ship.

2. Bang

While it's true that Saitama is far stronger than "Silver Fang" Bang, this badass old man's experience, skills, and knowledge in battle are enough for him to surpass Saitama on this list.

Though he walks like a helpless old man with a crooked back, he hides a well-built physique under his clothes. He's a low-key hero who's disciplined, humble, and strong—a blow that would be fatal to anyone else does nothing but remove the stiffness from his shoulders.

1. Blast

Blast wasn't present in either of the two seasons of the One Punch Man anime series, but the way other characters describe him is quite interesting. He's regarded as the strongest of all heroes (except for Saitama, who defeats enemies without credit).

Not much is seen or known about the top S-Class hero Blast in the anime series, so most of what we know comes from the manga and webcomics. There we see him go faster than Flashy Flash, he can handle the Mysterious Cubes, and he can make portals.