Hype Culture Is Ruining Movies, TV Shows, and Video Games

Too much hype can put a damper on anyone’s experience. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get around the excitement.
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Hype is like some nasty virus that has no cure. You just have to wait it out until it slowly fades away. Most often, hype plagues an entire community whenever a brand new and exciting movie, video game, or TV show gets released.

The result of a hype epidemic is never pretty. Everyone who isn’t engaging in the hype gets left out, and develops a hatred for whatever form of media is at the center of attention. Overblown hype needs to stop—bringing an extreme amount of excitement to something ends up wrecking the experience for others.

Unwanted Spoilers

When almost everyone hypes up a movie, TV show, or video game, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid spoilers. You overhear people talking about it in school, on Facebook, and even at work. Since they assume that everyone has seen the show or played the game, they’ll talk about it freely, unleashing spoilers as they go along.

When hype is at its peak, your best bet is to lay low and slap on your headphones when you hear someone mention the new show or movie. You’re even forced to stay off of social media during this time—just one post is enough to ruin a plot. In other words, hype basically requires you to excommunicate yourself from the entire world.

Breaking Bad is the perfect example of a show that’s been beaten up by hype. So many people were discussing spoilers in every new episode that by the end of its hype life, I knew almost everything about the show without even having to watch it.

I guess the way to solve the spoilers issue is to see the movie or play the game as soon as it comes out, but some people just don’t have the time or money to sit down and do it. Those who do take part in the hype should respect the non-hypers and refrain from revealing any spoilers in public.

High Expectations Lead to Disappointment

When something gets hyped up, fans portray it as the greatest thing in the world. It suddenly becomes their new favorite book, movie, or TV show. You get so wrapped up in other people’s opinions that you think that you’ll absolutely love it too.

But when you turn it on, you find that it’s just so typical. You aren’t impressed, not to mention extremely disappointed. Fans of new releases think that everyone has the same taste as them. No matter how amazing fans believe a new show or video game is, that doesn’t mean everyone will have the same view.

Hype creates high standards and expectations. If you get poisoned by the trend, you’ll end up getting let down. Remember when that Avatar movie got so popular? I got hyped to see it, and then found out it consists of CGI blue people running around for three hours.

Overblown by the Media

As soon as a new video game or movie captures the attention of the general population, the media will take advantage of that. Soon, you’ll see advertisements on YouTube, TV, and even on billboards. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t escape it.

Companies start pumping out toys, t-shirts, and posters with characters from the movie or video game plastered all over it. You’ll see Target and Walmart with piles of merch that make you want to claw your eyes out.

Fortnite is probably the most recent video game that’s been blown up on a nuclear level. The hype still hasn’t completely evaporated for this awful battle royale game. Almost every store that sells clothes has been infected with Fortnite to the point that it’s actually sickening.

The Hipster Effect

I’m not sure what else to call this phenomenon, so I’ve given it a very scientific name: the Hipster Effect.

The Hipster Effect occurs in the midst of hype, while everyone is freaking out about the latest video game or movie. At this point, you’ve heard so much about it that it turns you off and you want nothing to do with it. Perfectly named, isn’t it? Since hipsters don’t like mainstream media.

I was inflicted with the Hipster Effect when Game of Thrones came out. I still refuse to watch it just because everyone I know are huge fans. I don’t doubt that it’s not a fantastic show, but it’s just been overhyped to the point that it has become uninteresting to me.

Instead, I’ll wait another five years before I decide to watch it. By then, the hype will have worn off, and I can finally watch it in peace.

Hype Is, Sadly, Unavoidable

With the prevalence of social media in our lives, I don’t think the concept of hype will disappear anytime soon. Even without social media, people will always get hyped about a new show, movie, or video game, turning them into non-stop chatterboxes full of spoilers. All we can do is try to tune it out.

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  1. I’m sooo glad I’ve long outgrown (if I was ever a victim of) the Hype Cycle. From my perspective, roughly 90% of what’s popular completely escapes me because 99% of the time, to me anyway, looks/sounds dangerously brain-depleting. I lost more than enough brain cells in the 70s, thank you very much.

    Spot on article!

  2. Hype isn’t as damaging as being woke, or virtue signalling. Those are guaranteed to halve your fan base, one virtuous tweet at a time.

  3. If you believe everything you hear, knowing full well, it’s all about separating you from your money then you are a dupe.

    1. Agreed! Ahhh… but it’s working to the tune of about $100 trillion! That’s A LOT of “dupes” isn’t it?

      1. It sure is…just shows to go ya. We are a consumer driven society…what gets me is how advertising has driven every thing to the point of absurdity and ppl put up with it.

  4. EXCELLENT article. Joined this platform to say so! The “frenzy” with each “hype” cycle is definitely sooooo ridiculous & such a predictable “Lemming-Effect” coup for businesses & die-hard capitalists! Innundating those that don’t get it is far more powerful, and satisfying knowing you can have/own anything you want than having it! Now on the outside & looking in at Life (aka smidgeon of gleaned wisdom); cannot help admire the capitalist machine working at its maximum capacity; throwing the have-to-have!/should-have one-two punch! CONTINUOUSLY. What can be expected when being brainwashed and marketed to, on a continual, ongoing basis, via TV, and on multiple platforms, every waking moment of One’s Life! It’s a blessing not to “buy in” literally or figuratively! 😉

  5. I like the Hype Cycle—I think it’s called—somebody came up with in a business context:
    Jump to Peak of Anticipation;
    Plunge to Trough of Disappointment;
    Steady climb up the Slope of Reality;
    Settle into Plateau of Productivity.
    Or something like that 🙂

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