75 Key Cinema Terms Explained: A Glossary for Movie Buffs

Ever hear an obscure cinema term and wondered what it meant? We’ve got you covered with our free explainer sheet!

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One of the great things about watching films with friends and family is that you get to discuss it afterwards. Did you enjoy the story? How about the acting? Or that particular camera shot?

To help you become more of a movie expert, we’ve put together this cheat sheet full of terms that you need to know. From anthology to whodunit, these are the movie terms that you need to know, ranging from production to marketing.

With these terms, you’ll further your movie knowledge and be able to discuss the industry and its output in better detail. What are you waiting for?

Essential Cinema & Movie Terms to Know

Download our free PDF cheat sheet of 75 cinema terms worth knowing if you love movies and want to discuss them using the proper vocabulary:
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