The 5 Most Delicious Foods Featured in Movies (With Scene Examples)

Movies can be thrilling in all kinds of ways. Forget action, scares, or sex—we're looking at movie foods that really got us going.
The 5 Most Delicious Foods Featured in Movies (With Scene Examples)

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We can watch movies and we can listen to them, but we can't taste or smell them. (...Yet?) And what a pity that is, because some films really went the extra mile to make us crave the food in their scenes.

In this list, we look at several great examples of films that had scenes where food was king. Make sure to have a snack nearby because you're going to want to munch on something after this. Bon appétit!

5. The Whole Menu (Last Holiday)

In Last Holiday, Georgia Byrd only has three weeks to live—and she plans on enjoying every last second.

She's a fantastic cook, but she never managed to turn her talent into a profession because she didn't feel good enough to show off her talents and passions. But now, everything will change.

Georgia, ever the food enthusiast, finds herself dining at a restaurant where the renowned chef Didier works. He's the kind of chef who never cooks the same thing two days in a row, so she can't pass up this opportunity—she orders every single dish.

In the scene, we see her order enthusiastically and eat shamelessly. Even if it's bittersweet due to the circumstances, she's having a great time and it's great to watch her enjoy life.

Last Holiday focuses on the little pleasures in life that we're sometimes too busy to fully enjoy. It's an important reminder to cherish what we have, no matter our circumstances.

4. The Timpano (Big Night)

In Big Night, Primo and Secondo are brothers. Food is their passion, yet their restaurant is failing. And while they try their best to keep it running, the future doesn't seem too bright.

One night, during dinner and entertainment, they decide to show off to their guests by cooking a timpano.

Timpano (or timballo) is an Italian baked dish of many layers—pasta, cheese, meat, vegetables, mushrooms... It's a complex dish to master, and one of the most enjoyable ones to eat. The care and craft portrayed in this scene make me want to try and make it myself.

Big Night is a film about talent, passion, and courage, and this scene is one of the best food scenes out there. The respect they show for the food is something else—not to be taken for granted.

3. The Dinner Party (Chocolat)

Vianne arrives at a little French village called Lansquenet-sous-Tannes with her daughter Anouk. There, she opens a chocolaterie.

Life isn't easy for her as she's forced to endure the jealousy and prejudice of the village's mayor. However, on a more positive note, she also manages to make some great friends along the way.

In this particular scene, some villagers are celebrating Armande's birthday. Armande is an elderly lady who doesn't care about what other people say, and she wants to celebrate with a big feast.

Prepared by Vianne, the party brings many people together—the kind of dinner party that unknowingly changes the fragile balance of Lansquenet-sous-Tannes forever.

Chocolat is a serene film that's mainly concerned with taste, simple pleasures, and happiness, all perfectly embodied by this scene's energy. Plus, every dish seems to have some chocolate in it! What an amazing menu to try, even if only once in your lifetime.

2. Spaghetti Aglio E Olio (Chef)

Chef Carl Casper loves to cook. Unfortunately, his boss doesn't give him the freedom to devise the menus he wants to serve. Instead, he's forced to cook the same trite dishes, over and over again.

One day, he snaps. He blows up at his boss in front of everyone, and his rant is captured on social media. The end result? He quits and takes a different path—he starts a traveling food truck, using his social media notoriety to drum up business.

But in the middle of all that is an intimate scene where Carl cooks up a simple dish for a coworker, which toes that line between friendship and playful seduction.

Food is, for many of us, a love language. Preparing a tasty dish for a loved one is one of the most caring things you could do. That's captured perfectly in this iconic scene.

Chef is one of the most wholesome films of the century, taking us on a journey of growth, reconciliation, happiness, and lots of amazing food across the country. Don't watch it on an empty stomach!

1. The Ratatouille (Ratatouille)

Ratatouille's Remi loves to cook and he's constantly experimenting with new dishes and ingredients. Cooking is all he wants to do in life. The only problem? He's a rat!

Not only does he struggle with the fact that he'll never be able to own and run his own restaurant, he also feels misunderstood because his colony of rats doesn't care for haute cuisine.

One day, Remi stumbles across an opportunity to help fix a pot of soup ruined by a kitchen garbage boy, turning it into a delicious success. The kind-hearted boy allows Remi to control him like a marionette, using him as a vessel to cook delicious dishes.

Ratatouille is a true masterpiece, namely for scenes like this one where we see the intricate detail that goes into preparing traditional French recipes, and for scenes where we see what kind of impact a well-made dish can have on people.

In Ego, we witness a true Proustian moment. Food is much more than mere nourishment; food can be memory and comfort.