The 5 Best Heavy Board Games for Long and Epic Sessions

If you and your friends are prepared for a large gaming commitment, you need to play these epic board games.

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Board games are so much fun. There’s something about getting together with a group of friends and digging into a deep gaming experience that can’t be duplicated in any other form.

Perhaps it’s the tactile feels of having actual cards, pieces, and a board to work with that makes board games truly special.

If you want to take your board game experience to the next level, you’re going to want to dig into something a bit heavier. Rather than finish in an hour or two, these heavy games will take multiple sessions and many, many hours.

If you and your friends are prepared for a large gaming commitment, you need to play these epic heavy board games!

Just make sure you’re prepared because these games have complex rules that’ll take quite a while to get the hang of. It’ll be worth it though because these games are rewarding.

1. Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization

BGG Complexity Rating: 4.17/5

This is the kind of game you can get really sucked into for the long haul. You’re looking at least two hours to get through a single game, and that doesn’t include the amount of time it’ll take for you to learn the deep and complex rules.

Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization is all about building the best civilization possible. At the same time, the other players are trying to do the same, which leads to some interesting land grabs.

Aside from its complex weight, the game has an 8.0 on BoardGameGeek, so you know it’s a good one.

2. Gaia Project

BGG Complexity Rating: 4.31/5

The first thing we need to talk about with Gaia Project is the ridiculous rating it has on BGG. It carries a staggering 8.5, which makes it one of the highest-reviewed on the entire website.

That plus steep difficulty make it the perfect game for board game players looking to play something a little more intense.

At its core, this is a territory game, but it has tons of depth and an incredible amount of balance that makes it a cut above most games in the category.

You should expect games to take a minimum of an hour, but it could get longer depending on the size of your group and how they play.

3. Advanced Squad Leader

BGG Complexity Rating: 4.72/5

This game is a bit of throwback since it initially came out in 1985. Don’t let its age turn you off though because it’s an incredibly deep game with one of the highest weight ratings of any on the market.

If you’re into deep military tactics, you should find the systems offered here to be rather rewarding, once you get the hang of them.

Advanced Squad Leader is only for two players, so you’ll need to keep that in mind before you dive in for a session. Sessions can take anywhere from two hours all the way up to a staggering eight hours.

4. World in Flames

BGG Complexity Rating: 4.62/5

World in Flames is another old-school game that hit the market in 1985. Like Advanced Squad Leader, it’s a military tactics game, but it definitely stands on its own with plenty of interesting mechanics. It’s slightly less heavy than ASL, but not by much.

The biggest thing that makes this classic stand out from the higher-rated ASL is that it can accommodate up to seven players, so if you’re looking for a difficult military game that works with larger groups, this is the one for you.

5. Antiquity

BGG Complexity Rating: 4.31/5

Antiquity is a civilization-building game for up to four players. Games take anywhere from two to three hours, so you’d better get ready to hunker down and dig in. It features a medieval theme, and it’s quite a good looking game overall.

In some ways, Antiquity is like the video game Civilization in that there are multiple win conditions, and each one requires you to play very differently. This creates plenty of replay value since you can play the game with a different win condition.

Grab Your Friends and Get Ready!

Sometimes you want a simple, easy-to-learn board game that you can start playing and finish within an hour. These are most definitely not those games.

If you and your crew are looking for a game you can really sink your teeth into, these are the games for you!

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