8 of the Best Disney Fan Theories (Could They Be True?)

Could these theories be true, or are do fans have too much time on their hands to overthink things?

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Disney fans are some of the most dedicated out there.

While many fans grew up watching the classic films and not giving them too much thought, a certain dedicated group of fans have actually come up with some interesting theories that link the various films in the Disney universe together. There are even some theories that provide some interesting backstories on the characters we all know and love.

So that brings us to the big question: could these theories be true, or are do fans have too much time on their hands to overthink things?

1. Emily (The Girl Who Abandoned Jessie) From Toy Story 2 Is Andy’s Mom

Remember the woefully sad song Jessie sings in Toy Story 2 about her person? Well, if this theory is to be believed, her person was actually Andy’s (the kid who owns all the toys in the movies) mother. Him receiving Woody as a hand-me-down certainly would explain how he came into possession of the super-rare cowboy toy that’s sought after by collectors everywhere.

2. Elsa and Anna Are Rapunzel’s Cousins (And Tarzan Is Their Brother)

This one sounds crazy at first glance, but if you really think about it, it actually kind of makes sense. Rapunzel and Eugene are clearly seen arriving at Elsa’s coronation in frozen. They don’t live in Arendelle, so they were probably on some sort of VIP invite list. Not only that, but they have similar looks and sets of powers. Oh yeah, and rather than dying in a shipwreck, Elsa and Anna’s parents actually washed up on shore and gave birth to Tarzan, their long-lost brother.

3. Aladdin Actually Takes Place in the Future (In a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland)

If this theory is true, Aladdin is a more like Mad Max than a typical Disney fairytale. When the genie is giving Aladdin a makeover, he says his outfit is “much too third century.” But when he emerges from the lamp, he says, “10,000 years will give you such a crick in the neck.” That means the movie needs to be set in at least 10,300 AD in order for the genie to have been out of his lamp during the third century.

4. Ariel’s Mother Was in Peter Pan (And Was Killed by Captain Hook)

Could there be a crossover between Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid? If this theory is correct, Ariel’s mother is actually a character in Peter Pan who was killed by Captain Hook. One of Peter’s mermaid friends looks a lot like she could be Ariel’s mother, and as it turns out, she’s quite afraid of Hook. In a later movie, we actually learn that Ariel’s mother was killed by an evil pirate, who just might be Captain Hook.

5. Hercules and Ariel Are Related

This one is as simple as tracing back the lineage between the two characters. Hercules is the son of Zeus. Ariel is the daughter of King Triton, who just so happens to be the son of Poseidon. Poseidon and Zeus are brothers, which makes Hercules and Ariel cousins.

6. Neverland Is the Afterlife and Peter Pan Helps the Souls of Dead Children Cross Over

This provides an entirely new (and a much more unnerving) perspective on Peter Pan. The idea here is that Neverland, the place where kids can stay young forever, is the afterlife, and Peter Pan’s job is bring the souls of the children into the afterlife. That means that Peter Pan is actually Death. It’s a little bit dark, but if you think about all the little details of the story, it actually makes an awful lot of sense.

7. Tarzan’s Jane Descended From Beauty and the Beast’s Belle

There are some pretty obvious similarities between Belle and Jane. They look quite similar and they both love the color yellow. That’s not enough to say that Jane is descended from Belle, though. In Tarzan, there’s a teapot that looks suspiciously like Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast, which could mean that it was an heirloom from Jane’s distant great-great-great grandmother.

8. The Ship Ariel Explores Is the Sunken Ship of King and Queen of Arendelle

In The Little Mermaid, Ariel explores a sunken ship that just so happens to look a lot like the ship that Anna and Elsa’s parents sunk on. The theory suggests that their ship would have crashed right around Atlantica, which is where Ariel happens to live. Between the logical location and the look of the ship, this theory is definitely quite believable.

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