What Are WhatNerd Tokens?

WhatNerd Tokens, abbreviated as WNT, are virtual points you can earn by being a fan of WhatNerd. The more you read and interact with our site, the more tokens you will accumulate, and these tokens can be exchanged for loyalty rewards. It’s our way of saying thanks for being a valued reader.

What Can I Get With WhatNerd Tokens?

We have a selection of rewards that are geared toward nerds, geeks, and tech enthusiasts. Depending on how many tokens you have, you can redeem them for items such as a USB drive, fitness tracker, external hard drive, or even a drone kit.

Check out the full selection in the WhatNerd Store.

How to Earn WhatNerd Tokens

There are several ways to earn WhatNerd Tokens:

  • +5 WNT for visiting WhatNerd (once per day)
  • +3 WNT for leaving a comment on a WhatNerd article
  • +50 WNT for referring a visitor to WhatNerd who creates an account
  • +500 WNT for account creation anniversary every year

And every so often, we may run special events and contests where we give away WhatNerd Tokens to winners and participants. More information will be available as those events and contests are announced.

Create a free account to start earning WhatNerd Tokens and receive a bonus +100 WNT!