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As of May 4, 2021, whatNerd is currently NOT accepting writer applications. We may re-open applications in the future, but no date is set. Sorry for the inconvenience.

whatNerd is looking for nerds, dweebs, geeks, dorks, and goofballs who have something to say and can express it well. The ideal writer for whatNerd is one who is thoughtful, welcoming, and personable. We’re a small but cooperative team.

If you only want to make a one-time submission, see our Contributions page.

Why Write for whatNerd?

whatNerd is an independent online publication about geek entertainment and lifestyle.

If you love all things geeky, and if you want to empower others to embrace geekdom, you should write for us. We provide a platform where you can express yourself and be heard by an audience who shares in your interests.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Commentary. Take a topic and give your thoughts on it. It could be a constructive rant, or a persuasive piece, or a deep-dive exploration, or a sharing of your experiences with something new or old, or any number of other formats. (e.g. Why I’ve Never Read a Comic Book)
  • Explainers. Take a topic and explore it in a more objective way than a commentary. Rather than sharing your opinion about something, explain what it is, how it came to be, why it’s useful, etc. (e.g. What Are Escape Rooms and Why Are They So Popular?)
  • Lists. This is about as open-ended as it gets: recommend your favorite things, round up what you’re looking forward to, describe what you love and hate about something, etc. (e.g. 10 Essential Card Games for the Modern Family)
  • Guides. Teach readers how to do something. Writers should have personal experience with whatever it is they want to teach. (e.g. How to Host a Successful Game Night)

whatNerd’s Expectations for Writers

We only publish original content and will not re-publish articles that have already been published elsewhere. We retain the copyrights on all articles published on whatNerd, and we do not allow our articles to be re-published.

whatNerd articles should be at least 800 words. Contributors are expected to pitch and submit at least 1 article per month.

What makes a good whatNerd article?

  • Write with a purpose. If you want to argue for or against something, be sure you know what your stance is. Wishy-washy, half-hearted, or lukewarm positions are boring; we want writers who have convictions.
  • Write for readers. whatNerd is not your personal blog. We want writers who can identify interesting topics, engage readers with their writing, and ultimately provide positive value with their writing.
  • Be different. Say something new, say something insightful, say something funny, say something controversial, say something that resonates with geeks. No generic, surface-level musings.
  • Be honest and relatable. We want writers who can carry a conversational tone but remain professional. We dislike writing that’s academic, formal, or dry. Be vulnerable and show your personality.
  • Be nuanced and constructive. whatNerd prides itself on not being a negative platform. Constructive criticism is good; blatant hostility is not. Elitists and snobs should not apply.

Interested? Apply to whatNerd

We are not currently expanding our writing team. Application form is unavailable.