whatNerd Guest Contributions

whatNerd Guest Contributions

Most of the articles on whatNerd are written by whatNerd's talented team of writers (or former writers). But every so often, we do consider publishing one-time contributions made by writers who aren't part of the official whatNerd team.

whatNerd is currently NOT accepting guest contributions.

Interested? Learn more about our guidelines and expectations below.

Guidelines & Expectations

We understand that all writers need to start somewhere. Submitting a guest contribution to whatNerd is one way to practice writing an article and getting it published on the web.

whatNerd is open to guest contributions, but we have our own publication standards to uphold. We're selective about the types of guest contributions we accept. If we reject a pitch, it's most likely because we don't feel it fits the kind of articles we publish.

We also have high standards as far as readability, formatting, and accuracy. We may reject a submission because it doesn't meet our standards. We also reserve the right to edit a submission to bring it up to our standards prior to publishing.

As of March 2023, whatNerd reaches over 250,000 readers every month.

What a guest contribution entails:

  • The article must be at least 1000 words.
  • The article must be original and unique. Submissions that exist elsewhere on the web will be treated as plagiarized and therefore rejected.
  • The article must be exclusive to whatNerd, and the article's copyright will belong to whatNerd once the article is published.
  • The article must fit the type of articles published on whatNerd.

What else you need to know:

  • The article will be marked as a guest contribution credited to your full name.
  • The article will contain an author bio of 2-3 sentences. The author bio may include up to 2 links of your choice, subject to the editorial approval of whatNerd.
  • The article will be published according to whatNerd's internal schedule; usually within 1-2 weeks of submission and approval.

Per Google guidelines, all links in guest contributions will be marked nofollow.

Submit a Guest Contribution

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