The 8 Best Tony Stark Quotes in the MCU Films

Whether he’s making you laugh, cry, or annoying you, no one in the MCU can talk quite like Iron Man!

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When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, there’s no one who can spit out one-liners quite like Tony Stark. Whether he’s making you laugh, cry, or annoying you, no one in the MCU can talk quite like Iron Man!

1. “Watch Your Language!”

Tony Stark: S***!
Captain America: Language!
Iron Man: Is no one going to comment that the Cap just said “language”?
Captain America: I know! It just slipped out.
Iron Man: And for gosh sake, watch your language!
Captain America: That’s not going away anytime soon.

(Avengers: Age of Ultron)

This ended up becoming a running gag around the internet, so it’s definitely a line that’s more than worth remember.

2. “Don’t Do Anything I Would Do”

Tony Stark (to Spider-Man): Don’t do anything I would do, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. There’s a little gray area in there. That’s where you operate.

(Spider-Man: Homecoming)

This line perfectly summarizes what makes Iron Man/Tony Stark so cool. While he’s a good guy when push comes to shove, he definitely operates under his own set rules.

3. “Anybody on Our Side…”

Tony Stark: Anybody on our side hiding any shocking and fantastic abilities they’d like to disclose? I’m open to suggestions.

(Captain America: Civil War)

If this doesn’t motivate you for the uphill battle that’s about to commence, then I don’t know what will! This scene happens right after Ant-Man becomes Giant Man for the first time. Wishful thinking, Mr. Stark.

4. “Everything Will Never Be OK”

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Pepper Potts: Don’t!
Tony Stark: It’s okay…
Pepper Potts: I’m hot, I’ll hurt you!
Tony Stark: No, you won’t. See? Not hot.
Pepper Potts: Am I going to be okay?
Tony Stark: No. You’re in a relationship with me. Everything will never be okay.

(Iron Man 3)

Is this a romantic statement? A pessimistic statement on the way Tony Stark lives his life? It’s a little bit of everything, but it really does perfectly sum up just how Tony Stark probably sees the situation he’s putting the love of his life in.

5. “…Not the Worst Thing…”

Tony Stark: Let’s face it, this is not the worst thing you’ve caught me doing.

(Iron Man)

Tony is working on getting his Iron Man suit on and things are going awkwardly, to say the least. Of course, Pepper walks in at the worst possible moment.

Witty as ever, Tony Stark cuts the tension with this hilariously honest line that perfectly encapsulates the early development of his and Pepper’s relationship.

6. “…Run Before You Can Walk”

J.A.R.V.I.S: Sir, there are still terabytes of calculations required before an actual flight is…
Tony Stark: J.A.R.V.I.S., sometimes you gotta run before you can walk.

(Iron Man)

This motto pretty much sums up the way Tony Stark lives his life both as Iron man and as the billionaire. He doesn’t dip his toe into anything, but rather, he jumps head first into the deep end.

Is it a smart lesson to carry through life? Maybe, maybe not.

7. “If We Can’t Accept Limitations…”

Tony Stark: “…There’s no decision-making process here. We need to be put in check. Whatever form that takes, I’m game. If we can’t accept limitations, we’re boundless, we’re no better than the bad guys.”

(Captain America: Civil War)

This is a very interesting quote because of what it means for Tony Stark as a character. Tony outlines what separates them from the evil characters they fight all the time, and that’s rules.

This is a bit of a life lesson for all of us, as limitations are part of life, and we all have to deal with them.

8. “…Having a Bigger Stick…”

Tony Stark: “Okay, here’s a straight answer. My old man had a philosophy: peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy.”

(Iron Man)

This quote is important because it helps us understand a great deal about where Tony Stark’s world view comes from.

He thinks the best way for the world to be peaceful is by having a more powerful weapon than the opposition. You could argue that this way of thinking is what leads to him developing the Iron Man suit in the first place!

Live Like Tony… Or Don’t

Tony Stark is without a doubt one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Not only is he one of the most important Avengers in terms of getting the job done, but his quips and one-liners provide some of the best comic relief from the films.

He’s most definitely one of the best parts of a series of films that filled with fantastic parts!

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